Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mental Housecleaning

     What are you thinking right now?  Your dreams, goals, things that you want to buy?  Or are they your everyday pressures, enemies, problems?  At this moment, may I ask you to forget those thoughts and proceed to go into silence for at least 5 minutes?   Maybe you are at a lost as to how are you going to do it.  Just sit or stand where you are right now and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and hold it for 7 seconds and exhale.  Do this again.  Relax now and think of nothing.  Let go of your problems, excitement and any feelings you have.  Be still and stay that way for a while.  Now take a deep breath again hold it for 7 seconds, exhale and open your eyes.  Feeling better?  Absolutely yes.  You just meditated.  This simple activity brings a lot of benefits to you.  What I have asked you to do was a simple mental housecleaning.  Do you notice that when your mind is free of any cobwebs you can actually think and act better?  That is because you have gained some clarity when you let go of your thoughts.

      A lot of us bombard our mind with lots of thoughts and most of them are destructive to us.  Successful people know how to use their mind and they see their mind as a tool that can help them achieve their goals.  What exactly are the contents of their mind?   Success thoughts.  Not only the steps on how to conquer their dreams but also the steps on how to conquer their fears.  They have created several affirmations that they feed into their mind so that very, very soon they will act according to what their mind is thinking about.  They have programmed their mind to become successful through the kind of thoughts they have in their mind.

     So for those who are struggling all their life, we know the kind of thoughts they have in their mind.  Negative thoughts.  Most of us know the consequences of instilling this kind of thoughts in our mind.  But we are hard headed.  Several Secret Teachers have appeared and appealed to us to think only of happy thoughts to attract happy experiences but some never really bothered to do so.  Truly,  most people are programmed not to release their destructive thoughts simply because they are afraid of accepting new experiences.  Truly, embracing change is a hard task to do.  Doing new activities reveals our weaknesses and even ignorance sometimes and we are afraid to show all these to anyone for fear of rejection.   This is something deep.  We all know where this will lead us if we continue to sabotage our mind, if we continue to plant wrong seeds into it.

     Some people are kind of lucky they go into some trials and learn lessons from them.  These lessons trigger them to act accordingly, meaning wiser this time around to face challenges in life.  That facing obstacles require not only the lessons you have acquired from years of studying in school but also the tough mind you have programmed to succeed.  Many times over, we claim that we can overcome any humps and bumps when we go out in the street only to find out that we are short of mind power.  We get easily intimidated, scared and overwhelmed because we still carry with us some limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  We have fears and it all starts to come out when we think negatively of ourselves and the situations we are in.

     We can prepare our mind to face our dragons - our fears.  We must let go of our beliefs that do not make us great.  We must clean our mind, sweep those negative thoughts and replace them with seeds of success.  It may be hard at first to do it but if we could only think of the valuable experience we would be having when we do it,  now is the best time to go for it.

      I encourage you to meditate daily to clear your mind.  Acquire some power.  Build a better version of you.   Put your past behind you, it should never be accessed again.   Your future can be created beautifully.  How?  By instilling good thoughts in your mind daily.  Remember that you can attract what you think about most of the time and your future is just around the corner.  Your future can be later, tomorrow, next month, next year and so on.  If you want a better life start feeding your mind with great thoughts.  Great mind creates great person.  Bear that in mind.

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