Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Most Important Person In Your Life

Who is the most important person in your life?  Maybe you would like to tell me that you cannot really answer the question because you have thought of so many people who currently occupy spaces in you mind.  I know you will think of many names and from those images that keep on flashing in your mind, you can always come up with one unanimous choice of yours.   No matter who your choice is, you will always fail my expectation.  Why?   Even if I do not know you personally, through this question I can easily say that there is one person that you always neglect and sad to say, he or she is truly the most important person in your life.  Who is this person?  Wanna know now?   That person is YOU.

I cannot blame you for not mentioning yourself.  Maybe because that question pertains to other person are so shy to say that it is you.  One more guess and I tell you that this is the real reason, you never consider yourself  SPECIAL.   All your life you work hard to maintain your good image by studying in the most prestigious university in your area, graduating with honors, working in a company that is well known all over the world.  Yet, you always disregard your importance in your life.  Why do we always do that-forgetting to include ourselves in the list and then we fret once others exclude us  in whatever important things they do?  Maybe we lack self-confidence.  Maybe we do not want to be in the limelight to escape envy and being talked about all the time.  Yet, secretly we wanted the whole world to know that we exist and we are doing great.  When we received awards or recognition we wanted that in something tangible or something that we can hold or proudly display in our homes.  Most of us have a space called fame or spotlight area where all our plaques and certificates are displayed so that others will know that we are living our dreams and we excel in that field.  During gatherings or reunions, even if it is not yet our turn to speak, we find ways to interrupt others so we can brag about our achievements not knowing that some of us become subjects of gossips of those who envied us.

But why is it that we have to always think that we are really important?  Here are some important points that answer that question:

It gives us the energy to do what we want to do:  Our feelings are important when we face whatever it is that we have to do for the day.  Knowing that we are really that important or special, we become happy ans inspired to take the neccessary actions to be able to achieve our goals for the day.  Our energy is that high and gives us the chance to show our creativity and talents.  We cannot really work on our goals when we are tired, sad and angry.  It cripples our chances to show what we can really do and our work is substandard and we can be labeled as mediocre.  Besides, being a negative person is never an asset.  People will always leave somebody with this kind of energy.

We become true achievers:  We set our goals and then think of the ways to achieve them.  It does not stop there.  We actually perform those steps that we outlined in order to achieve our dreams.  Our dreams do not center on ours alone.  We also include others that can benefit from the goodness that we do.  We share our knowledge to others, we appropriate time to be of service to them.  Most of all, we share with others the prize that we reap.  Those are true achievers.

We become a role models: Important person deserves attention, a lot of attention and with that he becomes conscious of his attitude towards others; he is now aware of his actions; what he say becomes important too.  He learns to behave in a way that others will not be offended.  He must form words that will only soothe others' senses.  The change that we want will have to come from us and must begin from us.  When one becomes a role model, it follows that most people will aspire to be one, too.  But the responsibilities are not that light and should never be taken for granted.  Knowing that a role model can affect lots of people, one really projects a positive image that can even change the way of the world.

We live a purposeful life:  Most people work so hard day in, day out to make ends meet,  if not to make themselves rich.  But these people do not really seek what is important to them.  They just go with the flow- study, graduate with the courses not intended for them, work to build their houses and fill in their bank accounts until they are up for retirement.  These people seem to be clueless of what is really there for them.  God has given them talents to use to make this world  a better place to live in but they chose to take another path only to find out that what they do is meaningless.  They get involved in miserable relationships, they work with ruthless people and receive what is not due them.  This is the result of low self-esteem simply because they do not regard themselves as important.  They are not aware of their capabilities and intelligence to do something worthy in their lifetime.  For people who see themselves as important, they seek in their hearts God's plan for them.  They do what God has told them and they live a happy life knowing that they are of service to others and they get paid so well.

We are capable of creating the kind of life we desire:  We feel the power within us and that power is intense, capable of turning things around.  We dream so high and with that power and right action, we can possibly reach that dream.  Possibilities are infinite, endless because we are so inspired to be creators of the things we desire.  We continually receive inspirations from the Divine and the instructions are so clear, we can do what is good for us.  We become students for life and the lessons that we are learning are helping us compose our aspirations and achieve them.  Those obstacles that perenially show to scare us seem to be small battles that need not be taken seriously because we become warriors that are ready to attack them once they strike.  Being designers of our life is an easy course.

We can always expect miracles to happen:  Everything good can happen to us.  Small ones.  Big ones. With the way we treat ourselves, blessings can come to us.  We believe in ourselves, we have confidence, we love ourselves, we accept who we are, we show who we are in everything we do, we are proud of who we are, expect people to treat us good, too.  With that, we can attract what we desire and our life will never be the same again.

Now, start treating yourself well.  Be reminded that we are created by God and all of us are His children.  All of us deserve special attention and we can only receive that if we regard ourselves the most important creation in this world.  From now on,  You are the most important person in your life.

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