Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taming Your Inner Critic

    Have you ever noticed the time when you were about to do a project or a thing that you have doing, something would keep you from doing it?  Sometimes a problem would come up but most of the time you could never realize the reason behind that incident.  The truth is no external force was stopping you from doing what you want.  It is your inner critic that keeps you from being productive and creative as well.   I have observed this feeling and most of the time my inner critic wins which pushes me to procrastinate and feeling frustrated in the end.  When I purchased a book about writing which was authored by Tom Bird, I learned that our left brain is responsible for having this inner critic active during writing.  However, there is a part of our brain, which is the right brain, that can control and tame that inner critic.  The author suggested that a writer must set aside a time for writing and usually it is best to write after a good night sleep or an afternoon siesta because the left side of the brain is not yet active.  But what if you want to write in the middle of the day and you know that both sides of the brain are active?  Well, he revealed that one will always struggle to finish even just a page of what he writes.  Both sides are bombarding the writer with conflicting thoughts and it will always be like you are in a battle during this period. 

     Your inner critic can zap your energy and prevent you from doing the things that you like.  It will always
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block your creativity leaving you a copycat or a mediocre artist and you know where you are going when you become like one.  Your inner critic is capable of sabotaging your career and is always there even if you do not ask its opinion about the thing that you do.  If you are unable to silence or at least control your inner critic it will eventually leave you fearful and always hiding in your shell.  How will you be able to accomplish all your goals if you allow fear to reside in your being?  You can never be able to advance even a step toward your goal once your inner critic tells you that what you are about to do is useless and worthless.

     I have found a way to tame my inner critic.  Just before I do something  I do tapping.  I tap my meridian points whenever I feel that something is getting in the way of what I do.  This tapping technique is called Emotional Freedom Technique.  This makes use of your fingers to tap targeted points or areas of your body and at the same time reciting some lines or phrases.  If you inner critic keeps on chatting and you feel so confused you will step back and refrain from doing what you got to do.  Naturally, you feel upset and frustrated and the reason for being so is your meridian points or channels where energy is moving have been blocked.  Only by doing the tapping procedure can you release the energy that has been trapped in your meridian points.  You can search for it in Google and You Tube.  One notable personality in this field is Brad Yates.  He has a lot of videos about tapping techniques and it can be applied in almost all problems that you have.  I will write about EFT in my next article.

     For now, you know that there is a solution to taming your inner critic so it will never interfere with any of you desires.  Realize that it is always present and you can allow it to talk to you but only up to the point where you can still function well .
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