Saturday, March 12, 2011

Passion And Money: Imperfect Combination?

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      Most people say that our passion for certain things can only give us pleasure and never money.  This is the reason why many of us accept jobs that call for things that we do not own or have.  At this point, we are forced to learn new skills to do our jobs efficiently.  This is always a positive move on our part and it makes our resumes look appealing when we show them to our prospective employers.  Apart from learning new skills, increased salary always follows when we get upgraded all the time.  However, money is still the main reason why many people tend to accept jobs which they do not really like at all in the first place.  At the end of the day, there are two important questions that you have to answer in relation to your current job.  "Are you happy with what you are doing?  Are you living your own life?  I bet most of you will answer in the negative and with feelings that convey regret and frustration.

     Negative Programming

     Even before we decide on our career, people around us like to dictate what they would like us to do when we grow up.  Our parents are likely to meddle with our choice of course in college and eventually order us to pursue a career that is unlikely to show who we are.  When they say " what, you want to be an artist?  Can that fill you bank account with lots of money?"  Being so young and naive, you would think twice about pursuing what you want.  If what they say stays in your mind and becomes your "guiding light," surely what you previously had in mind would take a back seat until such time that you are ready to reconsider it.  But then, only you know what you can do even though you have developed this fear to do what you wanted to do.  When you allow your mind to be fed with thoughts that can never support your reasons to live honestly and happily, you are bound to fail.  If that happens, people around you would only blame one person and that is you.  When you are working or pursuing a career, you are the only one walking on that path.  The others are there on the sides looking at you and waiting to hear some good news or progress on what you are doing.  If you fail to live up to their expectations, you are perceived as a loser.  You are really going to be that way since you choose to do things associated with difficulties, resentments and sadness.  Remember that when your true self is repressed, you can never realize your true potentials and knowing your mission or reason why you are here will never be revealed to you.  The kind of life that you are likely to have is that of an automatic one that has no purpose and love.

     Money Is Your Driving Force But Satisfaction, Happiness and True Wealth Are Nowhere To Be Found 

      We are programmed to look for jobs that will give us fortune and fame as well.  Never mind the inert talents and skills we have, as what most say, symbols of true wealth such as money, fame and material things are what make us happy.  But when you ask people who have acquired billions of money, properties everywhere and not so serious relationships that go with their lifestyle, all of them never really felt the true happiness and satisfaction in their life.  They still long for some things which they cannot really identify.  That is because they look outside to fill up the void they have inside.  They associate material things to success and happiness when in fact they can fill the void temporarily.  If only they could look inside or within them, what they really desire would be revealed to them.  They are assured of lasting happiness and success.

     Successful People Followed Their Dreams And Made Millions and Billions

     Steve Jobs is one person who chose to follow the path that was really meant for him.   It was never an easy way to find out what he wanted to do.  He really sought the thing that he really loved to do and from there he worked his way to produce the elite and best gadgets we have now.  Being an adopted child of a poor family, he never considered his life story to be a hindrance to his success.  It inspired him to look for things that made him happy and contented.  He just did the things that aroused his passion or strong liking to it not knowing where they could lead him.  Later in life, he realized that those things that he considered important were able to help him create beautiful and amazing gadgets that make our life easier and better.  His passions unearthed his true potentials and gave him all the money he never imagined in his life.  This is the very reason why he urges young people to look for things that they love to do and always follow their passions.

     Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki.  They are people who opted to follow what they had in their heart and gave so much to people in terms of entertainment, nuggets of insights, better living and inspirations.  Although what they are receiving now, billions of money, have become somewhat ordinary compensation to them, they never fail to inspire people to do their best according to what is inside their heart.  To them, passion and money can be perfect marriage partners and can last a lifetime.  So, why not adopt this notion?  The truth is, fortune comes in a little later.  Fame and satisfaction can never be far behind.  The periods between honing your skills up to perfection and the time that true wealth comes seem to be endless and unsatisfactory because the outside world is very much different from what you see inside of you.  Once, you hit the mark and  have created waves in your field of interest, true joy sets in.  It is like winning the jackpot price in a lotto draw.

      Change Your Thoughts And Follow Your Heart

     It is never too late to reconsider what you really want to do with your life.  All you need is change of thoughts.  Better yet, seek what is truly in your heart.   You were born with a mission and God has planted in your heart what you truly desire to do including your passion.  Your passion is an expression of who you are.  Your true happiness lies on accepting your real self.  Expressing one's true self by way of doing what you really love and expecting to receive great compensation or reward is always liberating.  When we are happy with what we do, we always attract good and positive situations.  Money always follows when we feel good and happy.  Fame, too, can be yours.  Satisfaction and contentment are there to remind you that you are doing great.

      So now, do you think an artist can earn so much if he decides to truly pursue his passion?  The answer will always depend on his thinking, positive feelings and expectation of his rewards for taking the bold step to be his true self.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Your Story?

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     Every time I am directed to Home page of Facebook, I get to read a lot of comments/shoutouts from friends.  Some are funny.  Others ask for prayers.  Most of them like to share the blessings that they have received.  Well, a few really like to expose their anger over some people, things, circumstances and I feel really down whenever I chance upon this kind of revelation.

     We all know the repercussions it may bring back to people who keep on commenting negatively and I guess it's about time we do some editing of the words and pictures we post regularly on our favorite sites.  I know of some people who canceled their Facebook accounts because they could not stomach those comments and pictures that their friends regularly post.  Furthermore, there were some people who tried to get into their circle of friends just to ask for a date or court them even though they had posted their status on their profile page.  Really, people have different stories to tell.

     When you are asked about yourself, what is your usual response? Is it a favorable type of answer? Is it a negative reaction from you that makes the other person  feel the same way?  Most people, yes most people,  like to respond negatively to almost all questions.  May be because they need someone to comfort them or they want the other person to join their miserable company.  But the way I see it, it becomes habitual to them- to answer in  negative tone even though their answers are far from what they are experiencing right now.  I try to evade negative comments from people when I ask them about their life.  If they answer me that way, I immediately ask them questions that will definitely give me positive reaction.  Negative reactions lower my energy and I feel like vomiting whenever that happens so I make it a point to divert other person's attention to a more favorable circumstance.

You Always Get What You Want 

     A lot of people may not be aware of the fact that what they are telling all the time, even if the story is false, magnifies and gets real.  After trying so many techniques and procedures on how to get to rid of their problems they fail to redeem themselves.  They do not know that one way of resurrecting is to tell another story of themselves, but this time it has to be positive, feel-good and entertaining.  To top it all, the story should not be a real one, it can be make-believe or false, not yet happening.  As they practice narrating this kind of story, very soon they become true little by little.   Storytelling is  like praying.  You just have to repeat whatever it is you want to happen.  God is listening.  The Universe conspire with you and you get what you always say.  If you always say, "here I am still broke," to your friends and even people whom you just met, they will turn their backs on you.  Such phrase ruins their day and they don't want that.  Later on, you will lose all of your friends and you will be left alone in your situation, wallowing in pain, grief and loneliness.

Rewrite Your Life Script

      You can always change your situation from negative to positive because you have the power to do so.  Just recognize the power within you and your off to a new and interesting life of yours.  Examine areas of your life that need change-for the better.  Practice narrating positive story about yourself.  You can start with your past achievements, even small successes.  Since what you always tell brings back a lot of the same type, focus only on the good ones that are happening to you.  Shun those ugly stories of yours, better still, bury them.  They will only pull you down.  If you don't have an idea how to go about it, you may start to verbalize some of these positive statements:

     "I am getting better and better everyday."
     "I thank God for all the blessings I receive everyday."
     "I receive so much love from people whom I love dearly."
     "I receive many projects now and I am willing to give my all to them."
     "My situation is improving and I like what is happening in my life now."
     "I meet a lot of people who are also succeeding in their field of interest."
     "My income is increasing as I open myself to new channels of income."
     "I bless those people who come into my life."

     You can always tell more than that, for sure as you go on.  Little stories become bigger ones later on as you continue to do this.  Remember, your story do not have to be that real.  You do not have to lie about your current situation.  Just tell what you want to happen in your life, that's all.  Focus on the positive side all the time.  Garnish the story with good feeling or happy feeling.  God is always listening.  The Universe is ready to help.  Storytelling is like praying.  So keep telling the good ones and watch them become real and multiply.  To make it more concrete, write them down.  You can thank God in advance by inscribing them in your Gratitude Journal.

        So what is your story now?  Would you still tell about your miserable story to your friends and acquaintances?  Or would you rather go for inspiring story that will lift you up from your sad circumstance?  You are the only one responsible for what is happening in your life.  You always have the power to change your life.  By rewriting your life script you can make it happen.  Do it now.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learn To Accept Compliments

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     I used to cringe when people say good things about me.  Yet, deep inside me I really like to receive such praises.  When I tell my friends they look great and praise them for a job well done, they either change the topic or just respond with "thanks."  It feels good to have nice words coming from people we care about and even more from people whom we do not really know personally.  It is like we are accepted, respected and at the same time blessed.  I never knew that my gestures before had a negative effect on my connection with my Source.  May be the reason why some of the things that I visualized took a long time before they became a reality.  Now, I have learned my lesson.
     Not Being Worthy Of What We Want To Receive    
     When we are told of our good points and great moves, our automatic response is to feel shy about them although secretly ,we really want recognition and acknowledgment from every little things we do.  We always wait for the right time to be praised but sometimes it never comes.  This results to disappointment, resentment and frustration on our part.  We do want to be recognized and yet there is a feeling of not being worthy of those praises.  What could be the reasons behind that?

*Fear of reprisal from perceived opponents.
*The feeling that friends may be envious of the achievement.
*Being embarrassed especially when the recognition is given in full view of many people.
*Hoping for more praises.
*Recognition came a little late and the excitement waned.
*Always in a surprised gesture and you do not know how to handle it.
*Not worthy of the praises and recognitions.

     The last two may be detrimental because they tell a lot about the feelings you have for the good intended for you.  When you are not ready to receive compliments, you do the same for the good you are waiting to come to you.  When you readily accept those praises, you are telling God that you also want to receive your good any time because you are willing and ready for it.  Good words or immaterial things are the same with material things when it comes to receiving.  Compliments for one, are also considered blessings like material things.  We should always accept them wholeheartedly and happily.  There are no big and small things in receiving one's good.  As always, you have to start receiving and appreciating small blessing like compliments.  More of this kind come to you and when you sum up all of them, you will be surprised that you have collected huge and myriads of compliments.

     Be worthy of the good that you want to receive, if not, you would definitely miss its essence.  That you are definitely deserving of all the good things in life.  It is just that each of us has our target that is different from others'.  Remember that you are deserving and worthy of what you want.  Feel it until it becomes naturally to you.  This way, your negative gesture changes to positive one.

     A Way To Receive Prosperity  
     Lately, I learned that accepting compliments paves the way to receiving prosperity.  Like what I've said earlier, immaterial and material things become one and the same when it comes to receiving.  Learning to accept compliments is learning to receive prosperity that we always pray for.  When we readily and gladly accept praises and feel so proud about them, we are also sending signal to the Universe that we deserve prosperity.  Welcoming compliments and allowing them to be delivered to us via those people who take time telling us, is the start of our desire to receive prosperity in life.  Why not practice accepting compliments now by acting worthy of them.  We can respond with different gestures, positive ones for this matter, like smiling and thanking them, writing a short note to people who gave those praises.

     So don't cringe, fret and be surprised when someone comes up and tells us we are pretty babes.  Be glad about it, feel happy about it, be thankful.  We all deserve to receive good words.  It is our birthright.  Receiving praises is natural to us.  So is receiving prosperity. 
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Self-Help Books Cannot Help

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     I always look forward to Tuesday edition of two leading broadsheet newspapers in the Philippines.  Tuesday is Wellness Day for both newspapers and a lot of interesting articles can be read and learned from them.  Last Tuesday, I got interested in one article that contained information related to what I have always read.  The author whined about her being stuck with her seemingly unhappy life despite reading a lot of self-help books.  She also lamented about those self-styled gurus whose only aim is to steal money from people who are clueless about the self-help seminars they attend all the time.  The author would like to tell her readers that she does not anymore believe in those books that contain pretty words coated with sugar, most of the time, and spice, once in a while, to make them really attractive to people who are hopeless and do not anymore know where to find a way out.  Those books do not help her and she becomes frustrated all the time.  However, once in a while, she finds herself hiding in between bookshelves reading another self-help books.

     I am a fan of self-help books.  In fact, most of my books, like 90%, fall into this category-self-help.  I really do not deny my earnest desire for self-improvement.  I understand how the author feels particularly when her desperation always get in the way of attempting to transform herself.  Over the years that I spent reading this kind of books, I have discovered some reasons why self-help books cannot really help one move from unfavorable situation to a condition where there is complete peace, harmony, love and abundance.

     Expecting an overnight cure or miracle.  When someone buys a book that he thinks can make him expel all of his negative thoughts in one reading, well the answer is a big NO.  Sure you can always feel that they have been thrown out of your system but expect a big comeback.  It takes a while, weeks, months, even years, to fully eradicate them from your system.  They always return to you particularly when there is an event, person or thing that will trigger you to remember them.  Always do the prescribed exercises and test them to see if they really work for you.  You can always say that the exercises are effective after doing them for quite sometime.

     Unmindful of many issues that need to be resolved first.  First, you have to know what is bothering you, why you need the book and what it can do for you.  Is it lack of money that keeps you insane?  Or the kind of love that you have always wanted?  What do you think are the reasons  you always run out of money?  Why do you have to struggle to find that someone special in your life?  May be you need to be "clear" on some issues and how you want to be "clear" would be a good reason for buying a book.  Look within you first and not on some external but minor tormentors.

     You only read the book and think but you forget to act.  I admit that I was like this during my early years of reading self-help books.  I just read them, forget about them and just think of them whenever I remember some lines.  I do not bother to write important findings and facts that will surely help my life to be better.  I was expecting some magical moments by just thinking of them.  I forgot to do those exercises that would tell me they were really effective and life-changing.  Now, I write some lines, important ones, especially when they resonate with me and aligned with what I want to achieve.  Also, I do those exercises.  They work.

     You do not like to read the book again.  This is important.  Many times, when I re-read a book I discover some important lines that I was not able to see the first time I read the book.  They serve, always, as missing keys to really understand the book.  If you have missed the keys, you would always say that the book is non-sense.  Sometimes, you have to read it thrice.  Most people, if they really like the book, read it over and over again. Each time they do, they always discover something new which inspires them.

     You are not ready to change.   May be this is the real reason why you always fail in your life.  You do not allow yourself to move on and change.  Are you afraid of the new life that you will experience after the transformation?  Do you dread moving out of your comfort zone?  Think again.  When you tell yourself that you want to go in a place where peace, love, harmony and abundance reign, you must come out of your shell and do something.  It really depends on you.  The decision comes first, then the action.  You are 100% responsible for what is happening in your life including the changes that you have to embrace.

     The book alone cannot help you.  Self-help means help yourself.  The owner of that book will have to realize that he is in charge of his own life and beautiful transformation would only come if he permits himself to act and allow the changes to happen.  Book cannot move.  You cannot hear it say those written words.  Moreover, it won't divulge the magical life that  it promises unless you do some actions, inspired actions.  Stop whining and ranting.  Do what you are told to do and expect great results.  Self-help books can help.  Only if you help yourself.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

2011: Get Ready To Receive Your Good

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     You have planted the seeds a few months back.  You have continually watered them by affirming positive thoughts connected to your goals.  So why are you feeling anxious about them?  Maybe you have been constantly peeking at those seeds you have planted and each small growth seems oblivious to your prying eyes.  Why can't you just stay put and forget about those seeds.  Meaning, let them grow, allow them to sprout and display their budding stems until they reach their full growth.  This behavior creates a feeling of uneasiness and doubt on your part.  That only means there are things running in your mind that would eventually stunt the growth of those seeds.  Consequently, that will result to frustration, resentment and disappointment on your part.  You have beliefs and feelings that contradict the good thoughts in your mind.  Unless you let them go, your creation will just be put into waste.  You will never see the beautiful results or manifestation of those seeds.

     Limiting Beliefs

     You still have negative, burning issues in you that need to be addressed and until they are thrown to the trash can, you will never experience success in your life.  Meditate on these issues like " I am not capable of doing it," "I do not deserve success." "I won't be able to get rich doing what I like," "my friends may never be able to support me."  They keep you from acting from inspiration.  All you get is frustration that leads to procrastination.  You tend to postpone important things that you have to do for the day.  Instead, you spend time brooding on things that keep you from moving forward.  When I have negative feelings about things, people and circumstances, I like to go to a quiet place and close my eyes.  I meditate to release the negative feeling I have.  I just say, "as  I breathe out, I release all anger, fear, worry, hatred and guilt."  Sometimes I say, "I release all the toxins from my body."  I just trust my healing ability to take care of those trash and later on, I feel really better.

     Positive Feeling

     When you feel better, that means you are feeling positive, things fall into their proper places.  You get to your office on time, you are able to finish your work ahead of time, people come or appear in front of you just when you think you need them.  You can easily attract the things you need and desire.  You become brave and bold, you are able to express who you are even to people whom you considered your enemies.  Meaning, nothing and no one can keep you from doing what you want.  In the absence of limiting beliefs, the positive feeling prevails.  Like what we have learned before, positive attracts positive, like attracts like.  From the teachings of Abraham(from Jerry and Esther Hicks), when you are always feeling better and you are able to maintain this throughout the day, you will definitely attract abundance, good health, great relationship.  Easier said than done.  But I have tried it for a few days and |I noticed that I had really great days compared to when I got irritated for quite sometime- all my projects went pffft!  They did not prosper, that is.

      There are a few things that you have to remember when working on your goals.  These must be followed or else months will pass without seeing the fruit of your labor:

     1)  Be clear of what you want:  This is the catch.  You can't write your goals without knowing what you really want.  Yes, you want to be successful, but how?  Is it by putting up a business?  By doing Network Marketing?  By writing?  By acting in a movie?  You have to decide which one you will pursue.  You can never be successful doing all of those, really.  You will just spread all the energy you have and will not accomplish anything.  This is the essence of being clear of what you want.

     2)  Focus, focus, focus:  If you only focus on what you want to happen in your life, there is no doubt that you will attain what you want to be.  You have to forget those enemies that keep telling you to forget your dreams.  Do not be distracted by sad stories of people who committed a lot of mistakes by pursuing the same goals.  You have your own style and manner in working on your goals, so keep moving, only moving - straight ahead without bothering to move in opposite direction.

    3)  Appreciate the things that surround you now:  By being grateful even with the little things you have now, you are setting your vibration in a high level making you attractive to things that make you happy.  Do not resent the pair of shoes that you use all the time.  Bless it so that another pair comes to you sooner than later.  The little house where you live now can make you aspire for a bigger one, so don't hate it.  Where you are at the moment is perfect for you.  You know why?  You are given the time to think of your great future, clear your clutter, be clear on your negative emotion, gather your thoughts, empower yourself.  In other words, this is the best time for you to make things right for you.  That is why you are perfect where you are, it means there is a need for you to work your way to the top.

     4)  Stay hopeful, motivated, inspired:  There will be times when you are feeling tired and irritated because nothing great seems to happen despite your many, many actions and reactions.  Don't you know that most of the times, you have to be quiet and observant?  I do not mean that you just stay sleeping and sitting all the time and do nothing.  Just do what you think is necessary, do not overdo things nor overreact on some unusual happenings.  Keep the happy feeling so you stay motivated, inspired and hopeful.  There are many things that can be accomplished when you are relaxed and focus in the "now."

     5)  Trust In God:  God is watching you all the time and all you have to do is trust Him.  Why?  Because he is also trusting you.  He lets you do what you want, do whatever you think is right because He trusts you.  The power, intelligence and energy are all with you so He expects only the best from you.

     When you have thought about those things nothing will prevent you from falling.  You will only soar high.  You will get what you want.  But the question now is:  Are you ready to receive?  Be sure to answer in the positive note.  The year 2011 has just begun, only a few days old.  But we have to get ready to receive now and not waste a lot of months and procrastinate.  The Law of Attraction is always working and we will accomplish more when we know what we want, how to receive it and when to receive it.  So, get ready to receive your good, NOW.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting Rich Is A Serious Business

Larry Burkett's Money Matters (1993) teaches C...Image via Wikipedia
     Getting rich is the ultimate goal of all, I guess.  From the very first time that a man saw some paper bills, he immediately made a decision to acquire tons and tons of money.  There is nothing wrong with having this kind of ambition- to get rich.  Come to think of it, when you have money you have many things to do, buy and yes- but some would not really do- give.  Money creates a different kind of energy that keeps you going even if you have been working for more than ten hours in a day.  That is not surprising because the energy of money is positive and when you have the same energy, you two become inseparable.  People have different views as to how one can become rich.  Old schools say that you have to study hard and get a good job.  Once you have it, work your way to the top. But today's generation provides a number of opportunities to earn unlimited income with the advanced technologies we acquire nowadays.  There is no excuse to be idle or be a couch potato for long when every corner presents different options for you to claim your riches.  But the question is, are these choices the easiest ways to generate millions of money in a short time?  That can make you not only think twice but twenty times I guess to be able to make a sensible answer.  In fact, you have to consider several factors before you join the millionaire-wanna-bes in their quest for their ultimate dream.

Feelings/Beliefs About Money
     When you have difficulty attracting money into your life it is very likely that you have beliefs or feelings that do not support your goal- becoming rich.  Do you believe you deserve to receive millions of money?  Do you also believe that God wants you to be rich?  If you have answered NO  to all of those questions, you have beliefs that do not empower you or keeping you from achieving your goal.  All motivational speakers and success gurus are one and all in saying that before you can claim your riches, all your negative beliefs and feelings about money must go.  You must be "clear" before you can work on your money.  Examine your feelings about money, do you have two stories about it?  You want money but you can't have the job you want.  You want money but your family is really poor and uneducated and it is impossible for you to be rich.  Focus on one story all the time and be sure it is positive.  You want money because you can buy your dream house, car and latest gadgets.  You want money because you want to have a company of your own.  Things like that shift your feelings to be on the positive side and when you do so, more golden opportunities will be presented to you. You can attract your money sooner than later.  Another thing, do not hate your bills.  Just don't take much of your time analyzing why you spent huge sums on not so valuable things.  Be still, stay calm.  Affirm that all will be paid.  Don't you noticed that when you are calm, you can think of better solutions to your problems?  Remember that.

Make A Research/Study
     When you decide to get rich, you have to study how millionaires got their millions, what do they do and read, how they decide on things related to money.  Getting rich means you have to be in the business of the rich.  Although not all will tell about their trade secrets, I guess they do not really want to tell at all, you will get some ideas that will surely help you to get there.  But one thing is sure.  Millionaires have many sources of income, the so-called multiple streams of income.  You can't get rich if you have only one business, unless you are that already made before running a flourishing business.  When I realized that there must be multiple streams of income to get rich, it dawned on me that the reason why most people become thieves or robbers is that what they know is not enough.  You have to do your own assignment and assess yourself where you want to spend your precious time to earn big, big bucks.  Get your mentors.  Mentors are not limited to being flesh and blood.  You can buy books that you think supports your goals.  Try to attend seminars that will empower you and motivate you to get into your ultimate dream.

Millionaire Mountains
     In the book One Minute Millionaire by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, the authors enumerated the so-called Millionaire Mountains as sources of millions.  There are four of them and they believe that you have interest in one or maybe all of them.  They are Investments, Real Estate, Business and Internet.  We all know that people with lots of money not only invest in stocks but also trade.  But here, people who go into this must know or at least familiar with the ins and outs of this business.  Also included in the Investments area are mutual funds and bonds.  More are familiar with Real Estate, you buy and eventually sell the property and that is how you make money.  In this book they give an idea to those who are interested to go on this business without money down.  This is where Robert Kiyosaki earns his multi-millions.  In Business, there is this old saying that you have to know what product is hot in the market and if you find your prospective buyers, then create that product.  It still works up to know.  Others are advised to find something that they enjoy and find their market.  If there is a market for it, then create the product.  For the Internet, this is the newest among the four mountains.  I have read many people who have become multi-millionaires by just sitting in their houses and working with their computers.  The Internet has given a great opportunity to those who opted to work from home and still earn huge amount of money at the same time.  Mr. Allen backs the selling of information materials such as how-to topics to those who love to shop on the net.  If one can write a book, he can sell it in different versions-book itself, e-book and the audio version.  According to him, there is money in selling information materials especially to those who love to write.  Now, you can choose from the four mountains or better yet, get into those four and see how much money you make from them.

     So you see, it is not enough that you make an intention to get rich, you must act as well.  The action must be well-planned and studied.  It involves much of your time, energy and soul.  As you learn, you make money.  As you make money, you learn more.  As you learn more, you become an expert on your chosen field.  When you become an expert, you become a millionaire to multi-millionaire.  It is a process because it involves your time, effort, energy and your soul.  It is really a serious business.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's In A Label?

     Haven't you noticed when you are meeting a new friend, he would always ask you, "what do you do?"  It seems a simple question but that makes you think hard because you want to impress him.  Sometimes you would reply with "well, I manage my own business."  When this new friend introduces you to his group  he says, "I want you to meet a new friend, he is a businessman."  You wanted to introduce yourself to your new friend as a manager but he decided to call you a businessman.  In that case, you earned two labels.

     Labels make a person important to everyone he meets.  It's like a title that is constantly clinging under his name and that really bears a price to most people.  You always know that there are people who will do everything just so they will not lose their positions in companies or well-known organizations because a label gives them prestige and honor.  In the company where one is a Chief Executive Officer, he can demand almost everything from his employees.  The label CEO means power and money and most employees like to reach this position because of the many benefits the label or title has.  The subordinates look at their bosses like gods that must be pleased all the time or else they lose their precious jobs.

   After office hours, a person has another label once he goes home.  He could be a father, son or uncle and each label has different functions depending on his duty that day.  However, he could also be all of those labels when other relatives are present in his house.  He could be a friend to others or a buyer when he goes shopping.  But really, what is in a label?  Do we really deserve all the labels that we have?  Are they just like titles that we want to attach to our names just so others will know that we make sense in this world?  Whatever your answer is, those labels are not really important because as you go on with your life you will definitely be stripped of those titles one by one.  Sometimes you would lose two in a row.  Now you are a husband and many years from now, wife may pass away and you lose a label.  There could be moments that your being father to your only son would be impossible once you lose him.  It is very natural that you will get lonely after losing a member of your family and also your label/title.  Until all of them are gone.

     When I closed my business many years ago, I could never think of a label that I could attach to my name or myself.  I thought it would be a real shame to have no label accompanying a person's name.  I was forced to hide in our house for a while until I finally resolved the issue.  Without a label, I was still the same person.  I could still make reasonable demands and go shopping like I used to do.  Only labels were gone not my whole being, not my whole self.  To this day, I still affirm this statement.

     Being the child of God, I am complete.  No label can make me above all else.  Labels can be used to lighten my loads, to be where I want to be and to get what I want.  But I can always have all the things I desire even if I do not have great labels.  The only way that could make me away from what I want is to be a negative person because being that way,  all I can attract are negative situations.  Even if I have many labels and continue to be negative, no good things will come to me.  However, you can enjoy the many labels you earn and to make them more meaningful, you have to do what is expected from those labels and you.  That way you always make sense.
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