Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year End Report: Counting My Blessings

I have so many blessings to thank for and I could not ask for more at the moment. All I think is to thank God for all the good things and sometimes bad things that happened to me this past year. For one, I went back to blogging. I deliberately left this site early last year only to go back last quarter of this year. I was pressured to do other things in between this period and I opted to leave blogging. I thought of venturing into another field but writing would send feeler to me every now and then until I realized I had to do it because it was part of my original dreams- to write and inspire my readers.

I also gained a lot of friends who are into blogging. Although I have not met them personally, I am grateful that I came to know them at this point when my blogging skills have to be updated. Too bad, I have little time to view all of those blogs and I manage to view only a little of them everyday. I learn a lot from them and it is a great world to live in.

I reviewed my list of original dreams and my mission statement and I promised to fulfill them as soon as possible because I can feel that this is my time to really make big waves out of those dreams. Really, God has a mysterious way of telling me what to do in my life. When I ask Him, He does not answer. He just wants me to go on and He will be my guide. I went through a lot before and it dawned on me that I was born with a distinct mission in life that I have to fulfill or else I would not be able to live a life with a purpose. I look at the gift God has given me and it is only proper to make use of it. In that way I can serve Him the best way I can.

I learned that I have this tremendous power that I have to use. Only, that power will be of use if I can control what is in my mind habitually. Now, I only think of good thoughts so these things will be sent back to me by the Universe. I threw away all my self-limiting beliefs and I always remind myself that I have unlimited potentials which will help me live to the fullest. I also associate with people whom I think will inspire me to do my best and live the life I really want.

Finally, blogging has been my way of saying what is in my mind and I really know that my readers learn a lot from what I have been writing all along. I thank God for giving me this chance to reach people of different nations and interact with them every now and then. Truly it has been a fruitful and prosperous year for me. I truly believe that this coming year will be full of surprises because of the kind of seeds I have planted.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Wonders of Meditation

I have been meditating for five years now and I can say that this activity created a great impact in my life. For one, it made me a better person, I believe. I have learned to tolerate, though a bit, some people who do not respect other people's opinions and beliefs. I now look at life with a lot of hopes and though I experience negative emotion from time to time, I can easily switch to a different thermostat when I close my eyes and hear my breathing.

I discovered my intense power through meditation and I use it every now and then to work on my dreams and goals. Having this power does not mean I can fight with my enemies or I can transform from one appearance to another. It just means that I can always influence my mind to make me feel better and see myself better in the days to come. I do creative visualization to get the things that I want. I will "go into silence" and watch myself having the things that I desire. I incorporate a happy feeling when I do this and it makes me forget anxieties, fears and worries. I do creative meditation for the purpose of realizing my dreams and I do it with a lot of faith.

Meditating with other people to heal the world is also a favorite activity of mine. At exactly 8:00pm Philippine time, I close my eyes and visualize love, kindness, joy, power, harmony, compassion, infinite goodness- all these embracing me. These words become more powerful when many people are doing the activity at the same time. The Universe gives back those thoughts to those who participate in this activity.

Meditation means listening to God that is within you. When God is within you, you feel better, lighter and ready to face life's challenges with ease and courage. It makes you feel a little bit invincible and ready to crush those negative forces that hinder your success. You have the power to be what you want to be and do what you want to do. Whenever other activities eat up my time, meditation always seeks me and I long for it. I go up to my room, shut the door and close my eyes. There I am taken to my spiritual world to cleanse my heart and mind, nourish and seek my inner self. It will always be my partner in my growth as a human being.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have You Made A Difference In Your Life?

We all want to have a share of instant fame in this world. We have different skills and talents, some are inborn others acquired, which we all love to show to other people. The moment we learn of something new, we are excited to bring this up to our friends thinking that what we have at the moment can add glitter to our mundane lives. Yes, that is how we see our lives, just ordinary and incapable of creating waves just because we are out of the limelight. But this is all in our minds. We are also heroes in our own ways, capable of rescuing people who ask our help. But this becomes ordinary because of the absence of write-ups or cameras to capture our winning moments.

With or without cameras or write-ups, other people and even God know we are able to touch other people's lives. They get entertained with our stories, they also get healed when we touch them, even when we just hold their hands. We have created new characters of ours just doing all these things. If we only take note of these things in our journal and gratitude journal, we would discover that indeed, we have made a difference in our lives. The only thing that bothers us is the absence of story teller that could spread the good news to people from other places. It is but natural to every human being to dream of occupying a grand space in the news section. Reading his name as heroes of the day and being admired by others make him so proud of himself. And he owed this all to his Maker. However, granting that this kind of publicity hit the streets of every nation, it is no guarantee that he will be given a reward for this act of kindness. Some people will criticize him for the ordinary job or the worst, pulling him down by giving unpleasant remarks.

We can make a difference even inside our house. Taking care of our little ones or sick parents, giving hopes to those suffering from depression, entertaining people with our antics and jokes- all these are experiences that create a difference in our lives. We can start doing small things like these ones, later on we can move to accepting bigger responsibilities. The most important thing is that people see us as extraordinary creatures that can give joy and happiness to their unfavorable situations. But it does not stop there, the moment we inspire these people to dream big and go for their dreams that is a great accomplishment. Only then can we brag about our works. That we have made a big difference in our lives by inspiring people to dream big, go for their dreams and live their dreams.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recognize Your Daily "Teachers"

A teacher is someone we admire and respect because he knows more of the things we have yet to learn. He is someone we can look up to and run to in times of need. This is the kind of teacher we want to have in our life however, there are some who can teach us more great lessons in life but we do not regard them as teachers. They are annoying, difficult to comprehend and take much of our time. They are not only unfriendly people but also circumstances, unfavorable experiences and negative emotions. These are also our "teachers" because they are trying to tell us something important and it needs to be recognized and acted upon at once. They may not be the normal lesson givers we know but they could be the key to our personal development.

They have more things to teach us and we should always take those lessons and live them while we are here on earth. Why is it important to do so? Here are some answers to that question.

1) They can help us grow. Imagine being with people who tell something bad about you when you are not face to face with them. You only got to know of their wrongdoings through other people and this has caused you an embarrassing situation. You want to confront them but your head says you have to be calm for now and wait until the issue dies down a bit. During the time that you are thinking about the situation it dawned upon you that you may have done something wrong in the past and it is now haunting you. This may encourage you to act intelligently to avoid any unfavorable effect on both parties. You can always solve your problems with ease and confidence when you let good emotions, intentions and thoughts to prevail.

2) They will help you get rid of your bad habits. When karma shows up in your life, it always reminds you to curtail any negative thoughts and actions which prove to be detrimental to you. Sending negative thoughts will always comeback to you as negative reactions which you have to live for a while until your mind gets to be fed of positive thoughts. Thoughts with strong emotions create realities depending on the kind of thoughts and feelings you have. Better guard your thoughts and emotions to have a really wonderful life.

3) They help you appreciate life as it is. These "teachers" will always be around to help you bring out the best in you. Why? Because while you are into this "battle," you will discover new things about you-character, skill which will help you become a better you. If before you throw tantrums without thinking much about the situation, now you just smile about it and remind yourself that "I can always win this battle." Your life now is something to look forward to because you get to learn so many things that make you know yourself more and respond to situations positively.

So welcome those "teachers" in your life and get hold of them until they have given you much, taught you real good lessons and molded you into a better you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

"Love makes the world go round." This popular saying has been the favorite mantra of people who fall in and out of love always. To them, not falling in love is equivalent to having a dead world or a world where no one exists. What makes them say so? When one is in love, he is feeling better, responding to every situation with a smile and showing everyone he is happy. Beyond the popular saying, love can turn a painful event to a wonderful experience since it has the power to change a person's feeling overnight. When love is around, everything is rosy. One who is in love does see only beauty even if flaws are scattered all over the place. Love makes one to dream big, hope for the best and strive to be excellent. The energy is so high that even the most laborious task could be accomplished without difficulty at all.

Maybe those are the reasons why most people who have been in and out of love so often continue to look for love as if it is a matter of life and death. Love keeps them alive and gives them bliss and serenity. They continue to bloom and evolve.

Love can deeply hurt those involve in relationships and the level of pain is similar to the level of bliss that love bestows to them. Sometimes, the experience makes one to change his views about love- this time it is all about giving and not receiving at all. It leaves him permanent scar that never seems to heal and forgive. Living the lessons he had learned from several heartbreaks is enough for him to get back at his senses, pick up the pieces until he has regained self-respect, self-esteem and self-love. Some would just take a leave for a while and get back once they feel it is time to haunt the four-letter-word again.

I once read in a magazine that a socialite revealed that she cannot live without love and that she has to keep her man no matter what. The moment her love leaves her, she is on search for a new lover, even advertising for the sake of having someone to love. I did not know if love was what she really wanted or she just needed an escort when going to parties. Having an escort gave her security blanket to hide her loneliness. Her money was not enough to color her world. I really thought that she needed a man to satisfy her cravings to be in the limelight more often. It really feels better to be visible with a good-looking escort in parties because that means you are still beautiful and having no escort is synonymous to being insecure, lonely and even ugly.

Whatever the reason why people constantly look for love does not really matter as the heart always rules and speaks than the head. One should just enjoy the experience, remember the lessons, keep the happy memories as he and his partner nurture their relationship. Most importantly, they should grow together, at the same time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wearing Black

Most elegant women prefer wearing simple black dress for any occasion simply because they believe that black speaks louder than their voices. Black speaks of beauty, poise and even happiness for some people, the reason why some wear black outfits in occasions like wedding and Christmas. To me, black is not a color because I do not find any color in it. A color to me tells of one or two stories, but I do wear black form time to time. I choose color depending on where I have to go. I think of perfect color to wear for a simple gathering of friends, for interview, for going to church. But I do not impose this to people even to my loved ones. I truly believe that each one has his own preference when it comes to colors.

I have learned over the years that one has his own voice and he has the right to be heard. This is not to mean that one should be talking like a parrot- non-stop story telling or explaining of his own opinions. Whatever color one is wearing is enough for other people to know that this is what he wants without even explaining the reason. He has his own story about the color he is wearing but it is only for him and questioning him about that should be avoided. The person wearing that color should opt to keep quiet because once he opens his mouth and starts telling his own stories about that color, the magic begins to fade. The excitement seems to wear out and that color loses its true meaning to him.

The moment you stop explaining is the moment you gain your momentum and power. What you are wearing already speaks of your power but talking about it loses whatever magic you have in you. Others will only tell you or dictate to you the colors they like you to wear and this should not be the way because you are giving away your power. If there are times that you want to wear red even when the situation calls for a different color, by all means wear red because you have your own story and you are the author. No need to tell why you have to do so. Do not lose your power for you need this wherever you go. Do not let other people tell you to do things you do not want to do. Giving in to them will only tell one thing- that you can never make it on your own.

Remember to live the life you want and never allow anybody to tell you what to do. Even for the simplest thing like wearing your socks. You alone have the power to do so. Only in this situation will you learn that you have control of your life. Even in the case of loving the person you like, buying the house you want, and yes even in choosing the right color for you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have you ever been in a situation wherein the gift you expected was not delivered to you, instead you were given just a simple piece of paper. You wanted to tear it in front of the person who gave it to you but you opted to control your emotion. You gave him a big smile anyway for the effort exerted by this person who shared his time with you.

A few weeks ago you got a call from a friend, a rich one, that she was giving you a gift. You were excited and happy because your friend remembered that you were about to celebrate your birthday then. The date when the gift was supposed to be received came and you imagined a big box wrapped in red and gold paper. You were almost sure that it would be a very expensive gift knowing that your friend, being rich, had excellent taste when it came to material things to use. But you were disappointed because all that you received was a piece of paper, an ordinary paper. You were about to throw it away but chose to read it. You were instructed to get the book from a person who was very close to your rich friend and it was mentioned in the note that the book would surely, really bring you more than enough riches in your life.

Well, you decided to see this person who even told you that he could be a mentor but only after reading the book. When you reached your place and started to read the book, it got your attention right away. You finished reading it in such a short time, to your surprise. You immediately applied what the book instructed you to do and after a few months, you became somebody. From being an ordinary person to an almost famous one who served an inspiration to people you meet everyday. Yes, it brought you riches, more than enough that you have some for every person who needed it. You called your friend but she was gone...for good. The book was important to her and she even said that she would give that only to the person who could very well serve other people. That person was you.

Imagine this, had you received that gift you wanted, for sure, up to now you were still in the rat race, working your way very hard to the top. But God was so good to you that He chose you to work on a different but noble mission. Now, the next time you receive a simple gift, do not throw it away. It can be worth several million dollars later on.

To know more of the book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles please visit this site:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Those Desires Do Not Manifest

You have done your work to make your dreams come true. You made your vision board by cutting out pictures of your desires from lots of magazines. You made sure your vision board was located in a strategic place, a spot where you can view it most of the time. You visualized everything you pasted on your vision board. You prayed for it. You wrote all your desires in your Gratitude Journal thanking God in advance for the manifestation of your desires. But after months of doing all of those activities, you are still looking and waiting. What really went wrong?

There are some reasons why those things refuse to manifest physically. Why not review other activities you did while "undergoing the creative process of getting what you want?" Here are some of the possible reasons:

1) You refuse to let go of your negative past. Make sure you have gotten rid of all negative issues in your part like "I am not capable of receiving such a great gift" or "I won't be able to earn a seven figure income with the job I have." These negative thoughts stop you from getting what you want. Clear these issues first and make sure you do not feel them as they are the signals that the universe will receive and will get back to you.

2) You do not permit the Universe to do its job. After visualizing your desires, it is best to forget about them after the session. This is to allow the Universe to create the desired event by bringing people who can help you, situation that is applicable to your desires and ideas necessary to manifest what you want. When you are still thinking of how you are going to have your desires the Universe will not cooperate with you. Your job is to present or order what you want and let the Universe work to bring your desires to you. Never, never interfere.

3) You are too attached to your desires. Being too anxious, excited or fearful of the outcome of your activities only tells that you are too attached to your desires. Remember that feelings are important during this period and you should always be relaxed and happy to attract what you want. The feeling of having it mentally and spiritually is very important because the physical manifestation of your desires is just a matter of time.

4) Your relationship with other people is important. How is your relationship with your parents, siblings, friends? Always bring good vibes to them. Make them feel happy when you are with them. Always talk about good and positive things with them so that you emit good vibration not only to them but also to the Universe.

5) Know how to receive your desires. The Universe will bring you people, ideas, thoughts, situation that will help you get what you want. It is very important that you know how to spot them. Refrain from judging people, situation as this will only delay the manifestation of your desires. Receiving is a skill you have to master.

It is not too late to receive what you want because you still have plenty of time to change your life. Change your thoughts and you change your life. This time your life is not going to be better, it is going to be great. Believe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Can You Attract Wealth Into Your Life?

Most people work hard to earn millions until their bodies call for a break. Our ancestors instilled in our minds that to earn lots of money and retire early, we must bury ourselves to work, meaning non-stop until we feel so much pain. But stories told about many a millionaire in the past or even in the current time revealed that they did not actually work hard and that they even had more leisure time when at work. This prompted some men to make a research about the lives of these people.

For one, most of them came from impoverished places and families. They did not have any connection to people of the elite class. But they did have an extraordinary way of working their way to the top. They used their minds to accumulate lots of money and they used that to grow their businesses. The saying "You are the master of your destiny" is true because man is able to influence his mind to make him great and wealthy. Now, the question is "How can one use his mind to get to the top and earn so much?" If one can get hold of the book The Science of Getting Rich, he will surely learn how to use his mind to gain success in any business.

Impressing a thought in your mind is the way. Picture what you want and hold it until you get the picture physically. You have to own the picture before it can manifest. One has to feel happiness while doing the exercise and use all of your senses until it is absorbed by your whole self. Feel the picture with the purpose of manifesting it and hold it with a lot of faith. It is just a matter of time before it physically unfolds right in your eyes. Be grateful to God that you have it even if it is not with you physically yet. Thanking God in advance speaks a lot faith and that you really believe that you will receive it soon.

Sounds easy but most people regard this as some kind of occult way. But really, visualizing what you want may not be that easy but you will get your reward soon. I have experienced this before and I will definitely try this again. Remember that our thoughts vibrate and they reach the universe and God and what goes around comes around. So, if we project our desires to God, He will surely listen and give them to us. Only when we have faith and belief.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Count Your Blessings and Be Happy

How many of us see only the good things in our everyday existence? Or do you prefer to mind those nasty situations that trace deep lines on your forehead? What if I tell you that looking only for good things and listing them down in your Gratitude Journal will help you attract positive situations in your life? Better not argue on this. The Secret Teachers unanimously tell that what you always think about expands, to the point of attracting situations similar to what occupies your mind all the time. If your mind is focused on good thoughts such as love, harmony, peace, abundance - this is the kind of life you will definitely experience. But then, when you are always contemplating on sadness, grief, anger, greed, lack - your life will eventually be miserable.

So, how to keep those unhealthy thoughts from your mind? At the end of the day, list down all the things that you are grateful for. Surely, you will pick out those things that made you happy and jump with joy. You can start with five things to be thankful for. At first, you may feel at a lost, that is because you only want to recognize big things or happenings in your daily life. This Gratitude Journal is not for everyone to see. It is between you and God. No matter how small or mundane that happening is, you have a reason why it should be recognized. As you focus on the good things in your life, more of the same situations will come to you. Those five things that you enter each night in your Gratitude Journal, will soon double, triple, making you always focused on the positive side of life.

Happiness cannot be far behind, true happiness that is, as you constantly mind the most trivial things such as water, soft pillow, good sleep and sunlight. They contribute to your happiness because they make your life easier and manageable. As you become more and more happy and seem contented with the small things in life, you attract positive energy which will bring bigger, better things in your life. What more, what you always desire in life will be drawn to you once you fill your being with positive energy. See, you do not have to spend a single centavo to get what you want. All you have to do is count your blessings and be happy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Lesson in Feng Shui

Feng shui means wind and water. It is the art of living harmoniously with all living things in a given environment. To be able to do this, one must understand that there is an invisible energy called CHI which flows through the earth and the air. This positive energy is the source of harmony, prosperity, health and honor. One must allow CHI to flow freely to his environment, particularly to his house, to experience its benefits. CHI must never be trapped for it will stagnate and turn into negative energy which will bring bad luck to anybody staying in that place.

Another aspect in feng shui that one must be familiar with is the term Yin and Yang. It is the symbol that looks like two interlocked tadpoles in which one is colored black with a white dot and the other one is white with a black spot in it. To understand these two polarities, Yin is about dark, passive and feminine side of the universe. Yang pertains to bright, active and masculine portion of the universe. Although these two terms are opposite to each other in meaning, the things that make up our existence consist of a balanced combination of Yin and Yang. Since feng shui is all about balance, Yin and Yang plays a large part in the practice of feng shui.

There are also five so-called elements that contribute to the manipulation of CHI in the environment. They are earth, fire, water, wood and metal. Metal includes man-made objects fashioned by metal. Fire can be represented by color red such as red candles. Water is anything that flows like water fountains. Wood is associated to rectangular shape like wooden frames. Flowers are also considered as part of wood element. To represent earth element, ceramics, crystals and pottery materials can be used. The elements have been allotted to different sectors or directions. Knowledge of these elements and their directions leads one to create effective feng shui.

When one is familiar with this little lesson, the next thing to do is to examine one's life. Are there areas in your life that need makeovers? Maybe you want to revitalize your environment to attract positive energy to bring you your heart's desires. Do you want harmony, prosperity and love to reign in your life now? Think about these questions. All these are possible with the help of a feng shui expert. Want some more? Are you having a hard time realizing your dreams and aspirations? Is your love life boring? Manifestation of your dreams may have been blocked by negative energy your environment has accumulated all these years. Whatever your problem is, feng shui may help you. Feng shui is said to be 1/3 of your overall luck, so why not make use of it? Almost all people who sought the help of feng shui experts have experienced positive results in their lives. Another point to consider is your karma. This may be one reason why your dreams have to be put "on hold." A feng shui expert will help you cleanse your inner self and this may take sometime. Why not act now? By doing so, your life will make sense. So does feng shui.