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Are You A Self-help Addict?

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     What type of books do you always search when you hit the bookstore?  Most people who visit the bookstore want to buy novels written by their favorite authors while few like something that deal with personal transformation.  Well, not really bad considering that more and more authors come up with something magical, transforming one to be the best person he is to be.  Like they say "when the student is ready, the teacher appears."   As one adds more years to his existence here on earth, he will always look for that thing that aids him in living a magical life.  Some people say that those statements contained in self-help books only meant to sugar-coat every plain explanation of those attention-seeking authors. They were written to fool those buyers and readers of self-help books , according to them.   There is nothing bad about being fanatic of that kind of book.  Maybe, those statements uttered by such people are just their personal opinions and they based them on those people who never really prosper even after reading tons and tons of self-help books.  Of course, one should not take that personally since each one of us is entitled to his own opinion.

     But then how does one know that he has become a sort of addicted to self-help books?  I bet, one is not really bad-looking like he has overgrown beard and nails, or his hair is way beyond his shoulders which he never washes.  But I have observed some behaviors of those people who become addicted to such type of book.  Here are some points I have discovered:

They always visit the bookstore every week to ask sales personnel about new released books on that category.  Nothing to worry about that except that these people can't seem to wait on the arrival of new books.  They always brag about this to their friends who find them really weird.  Most of the books that they have bought a few days ago are still wrapped in plastic and seems that they do not know when to open them.
They want to appear that something is lacking on them and they want to find the solution to it.  They know how to project themselves, they can explain well what they say and they look intelligent enough to weather those storms that they continue to meet.  But still, they are not contented and they want more.  Seems like they are being controlled by their emotions and minds.
They like to tell people about the thing that makes them busy, alert and smart.  Of course name dropping of famous authors makes one appear very smart and wise, almost like a sage and it impresses their friends and acquaintances.  How much more if they meet their favorite authors in person just by attending their high-priced seminars?  But the positive result may not be evident after all.

     So, what do you do  with those people?  Ignore?  Not the solution, I think.  Tell them to go up the mountain and live like a sage?  Hmmm...can they qualify?  The best thing to do is not to give bad feelings about their actions.  You see, they are perfect wherever they are, whatever frequency they have at the moment.  They are responsible for what is happening in their life and no one has the right to argue about what they do in life.  They just want to express who they are.  Even if their actions and behaviors are irritating to you, do not give negative reaction or else it will be you who needs to read that kind of book.  Now what to do with how you feel at the moment, considering that you always want to read that kind of book but never really have the precious time to do so?  The moment they tell you about their experiences about reading this book makes you think twice about your capabilities, your real self, your wants, your goals.  Now, you seem to be addicted too.  You have this unexplainable itch to go to the bookstore and find something that will make you whole even though you do not have the precious time to do so.  You get stressed and started to blame other people.  Is it really right for you to react that way?  If you think that way, go ahead but do not be clueless about the reason why you attract negative situations in your life.  Like those self-help gurus tell us, do not give negative feelings on those situations that you do not like.  Negative emotions attract negative situations.  So how do you deal with being a self- help addict?

You are enough.   Yes, you can remind yourself that you are enough, at least for now...Remember that you were created after the image of God, that means you are perfect, complete and whole.  But then as you were busy collecting your friends as you grew up, you also embraced their signature statements that seemed to be damaging to you but still, you refused to recognized that way.  You lost your way.  You became  strange, unhappy and alien to your real self.  And this being addicted to self-help books is your way to get back to your original form and self.  Not really bad.  Be sure when to call a time out to it. Be sure to get acquainted with genuine people who can help you find your true path.
Do what you are told to do.  When reading self-help books, your being enlightened comes only when you do those exercises outlined in the book.  Nothing good will ever happen to you when after reading the book, you just sit around and wait for something big to happen.  Progress will be seen after the experiment.
Live a good life by doing good.  Self-help books teach you several ways to live the good life and you can attain that by doing something worthwhile.  This kind of books not only teach you how to get rich but also, how to be wealthy.  Which means all areas of your life are taken into consideration.  When you have meaningful goals, you want to wake each morning full of energy to work on them.  The right path is getting clearer to you.
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