Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meditation 101

    A lot has been said about meditation but most people do not really know how and why they have to meditate.  Meditation involves one to sit or lie down and spend a few minutes closing his eyes and silencing the mind.  This activity results to a lot of benefits such as lowering of blood pressure, for those suffering from high blood pressure, and even lowering of blood sugar.  It makes one feel peace, harmony and joy.  However, there are certain guidelines one has to follow before peace can be attained.

     Why do you have to meditate?  Medical practitioners recognize the beneficial effects of meditation and they usually prescribe this to their patients.  Studies revealed that meditation helps patients to live a harmonious life despite the presence of some illnesses in their bodies.  By completely erasing negative thoughts such as worries, fears, hatred, people begin to feel lighter and they learn to forgive their enemies.  This thing is critical when one suffers from long-standing illness such as cancer.  Letting go of  hurtful events and embracing change even cure some patients with this kind of disease.  However, a lot may not be able to follow or may not be keen to do this as this entails time that can be precious to some who work for long hours.  But one should just set aside certain time to do this activity and once you experience it, there is no turning back.  You will be hooked forever.

     One can find a place or even a corner in a room and make it your meditation area.  You can make it more sacred by setting up a small table with candle, incense and burner with essential oil of your choice.  This way you can enjoy your meditation more and you will make it a daily habit in no time at all.  Sit with your legs crossed or you can copy the position of a yoga practitioner if you like.  Light the candle, incense and your burner with essential oil.  The smell of the oil will make it conducive for meditation.  The candle will help you concentrate.  Ever wonder why it has to placed in the altar?  Close your eyes and begin to mind your breathing.  Inhale deeply, hold it for seven to eight counts and before you exhale mentally state that you are removing all your negative thoughts.  As you breathe out feel those negative thoughts leaving your body permanently.  Do this for several times.  Silencing the mind means you think of nothing at all.  This is like giving your mind some bathing to clean it.  Once your done, open your eyes and you will immediately feel the wonder of meditation.  Try it now.

     You can advance your meditation by uttering some affirmations mentally.  You can even ask your higher self to reveal to you the real you.  Your higher self is your other self, who checks on you, who guides you in everything that you do.  Just recognize the presence of your higher self and things will flow easily to you.

     These are some of the benefits of doing meditation but there are still more to know and if I were you,  keep on doing this because more and more wonderful things will be discovered by you.  Although it will take more of your time, soon you will reap your rewards.  Trust me.