Sunday, January 13, 2008


Have you ever experienced feeling down and low while a friend narrated her sad stories to you? Did you get sick after visiting a neighbor's house for the first time? Did you feel extremely tired after a few hours of window shopping in a mall? Well, those are signs of psychic vampirism!

Not too many believe of psychic vampirism or "usog"(in Tagalog). People usually dismissed those kind of incidents as stress-related events or just pure coincidence. However, psychics and those who are sensitive to a particular energy can easily tell if a certain person becomes a victim of psychic vampirism. They can easily sense the negative energy pervading a particular spot in a room. They feel uneasy and immediately leave the place.

There are two(2) kinds of energy: positive and negative. One can accumulate positive energy through prayer, meditation, filling the mind with good and loving thoughts. This kind of person likes to go to a relaxing place. He likes to mingle with positive thinkers, success-driven people and God-fearing ones. On the other hand, the person who stores negative energy in his whole being likes to wallow in depression, watches scary/horror movies often, practices witchcraft and black magic, fights with other people and envy, hatred and anger are his prime motivators.

When a person with positive energy comes in contact with a negative person, the former is likely to feel uneasy and his energy drops to a very low level. Why is that so? The latter unconsciously takes in the positive energy because he lacks this kind of energy. The former now breathes in the negative energy that makes him feel uncomfortable and worst, sick. He may even feel weak, sad and angry. He may end up in bed for a couple of days due to fever.

Since you cannot avoid these "vampires," how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim? One way is to shield yourself with white light before going out of your home. Visualize yourself inside a ball of white light and tell yourself you are protected all the time. Hold the picture in your mind for a few minutes, after that you are safe. Never forget to pray, that is another way to protect yourself. This is necessary because we are to ask God for his protection and guidance as well.

When you become a victim yourself, how can you recover? Aside from the usual medication given to your type of illness, do cleansing rituals- pray, meditate, fill your mind with good thoughts, stay away from negative people even for a while, if you cannot really help it. Later, your energy level goes up and you feel good, happy and peaceful.

But the next time you encounter these "vampires" and there is no way for you to run away from them, encourage them to talk about their hopes, plans for the future, even their achievements. This way you can help them divert their attention to positive thoughts. Hopefully, they will not drain you of your positive energy.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Most of us welcome the new year with resolutions. A lot of our resolutions have been with us for a longer period of time and yet we have not acted on them or paid them any attention after we have writen them down. We simply forget everything about them with the hope that we can finally make them happen when another year approaches.

Each of us has his or her own reasons for listing down some resolutions. "Because I want a better version of me," a good friend of mine once told me. She thought that eliminating bad habits and incorporating good ones could help her overcome the many challenges she would be facing in her life. Whether we insist on having resolutions or not, we have to continue working not only on our external or physical aspect moreso, internally. All of us should be beautiful inside and out. What good do we get in making our skin extremely clean and white, when our minds and hearts are full of dirts- hatred, envy, anger? No matter how hard we try to conceal our flaws, they will eventually escape us and our true colors unfold. Our effort to project a good and beautiful image is put to waste because we deliberately ignore to improve our inner selves. Even pagans do a lot of cleansing rituals for their souls, how much more the Christians?

We can begin by purifying our minds by feeding them only with good and loving thoughts. Words such as joy, happiness, peace, goodness lift our spirits and it results to greater highs or good feeling. Thoughts vibrate and affect our surroundings, people next to us and the Universe receive any type of vibration, positive or negative. The law of attraction says that the Universe gives back what we think more often. The more we think of good thoughts, which are equivalent to positive vibration, the more good things happen to us. Sow good thoughts and reap good things.

Eating foods that will make us healthy and strong is also recommended. Remember, you are what you eat. We do not have to fill our stomach with too much food. It is enough that we eat to curb our hunger and not go beyond this. Illness and weakness are the result of gluttony. Complement this with exercise to achieve a great body.

If we are successful in working on our inner selves, it would be very easy for us to treat people with kindness. We see all human beings as perfect manifestation of God. No feelings of hatred, envy and anger. Then, our place is a perfect place to be. Obeying rules and regulations is the right thing to do. Honesty, integrity are qualities that become natural in every one of us as we continue to advance in our place.

Truly, giving more importance to achieving intangible things first result to being a magnificent person that one has to be. He becomes a role model to some wandering souls who spend most of their time masking their wrongdoings with material goods.

It is up to us to know first things first, to work on- internally or externally. Both aspects should be given attention. There is one aspect though, that presents a whole lot of better results.