Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

"Love makes the world go round." This popular saying has been the favorite mantra of people who fall in and out of love always. To them, not falling in love is equivalent to having a dead world or a world where no one exists. What makes them say so? When one is in love, he is feeling better, responding to every situation with a smile and showing everyone he is happy. Beyond the popular saying, love can turn a painful event to a wonderful experience since it has the power to change a person's feeling overnight. When love is around, everything is rosy. One who is in love does see only beauty even if flaws are scattered all over the place. Love makes one to dream big, hope for the best and strive to be excellent. The energy is so high that even the most laborious task could be accomplished without difficulty at all.

Maybe those are the reasons why most people who have been in and out of love so often continue to look for love as if it is a matter of life and death. Love keeps them alive and gives them bliss and serenity. They continue to bloom and evolve.

Love can deeply hurt those involve in relationships and the level of pain is similar to the level of bliss that love bestows to them. Sometimes, the experience makes one to change his views about love- this time it is all about giving and not receiving at all. It leaves him permanent scar that never seems to heal and forgive. Living the lessons he had learned from several heartbreaks is enough for him to get back at his senses, pick up the pieces until he has regained self-respect, self-esteem and self-love. Some would just take a leave for a while and get back once they feel it is time to haunt the four-letter-word again.

I once read in a magazine that a socialite revealed that she cannot live without love and that she has to keep her man no matter what. The moment her love leaves her, she is on search for a new lover, even advertising for the sake of having someone to love. I did not know if love was what she really wanted or she just needed an escort when going to parties. Having an escort gave her security blanket to hide her loneliness. Her money was not enough to color her world. I really thought that she needed a man to satisfy her cravings to be in the limelight more often. It really feels better to be visible with a good-looking escort in parties because that means you are still beautiful and having no escort is synonymous to being insecure, lonely and even ugly.

Whatever the reason why people constantly look for love does not really matter as the heart always rules and speaks than the head. One should just enjoy the experience, remember the lessons, keep the happy memories as he and his partner nurture their relationship. Most importantly, they should grow together, at the same time.