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Learn To Accept Compliments

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     I used to cringe when people say good things about me.  Yet, deep inside me I really like to receive such praises.  When I tell my friends they look great and praise them for a job well done, they either change the topic or just respond with "thanks."  It feels good to have nice words coming from people we care about and even more from people whom we do not really know personally.  It is like we are accepted, respected and at the same time blessed.  I never knew that my gestures before had a negative effect on my connection with my Source.  May be the reason why some of the things that I visualized took a long time before they became a reality.  Now, I have learned my lesson.
     Not Being Worthy Of What We Want To Receive    
     When we are told of our good points and great moves, our automatic response is to feel shy about them although secretly ,we really want recognition and acknowledgment from every little things we do.  We always wait for the right time to be praised but sometimes it never comes.  This results to disappointment, resentment and frustration on our part.  We do want to be recognized and yet there is a feeling of not being worthy of those praises.  What could be the reasons behind that?

*Fear of reprisal from perceived opponents.
*The feeling that friends may be envious of the achievement.
*Being embarrassed especially when the recognition is given in full view of many people.
*Hoping for more praises.
*Recognition came a little late and the excitement waned.
*Always in a surprised gesture and you do not know how to handle it.
*Not worthy of the praises and recognitions.

     The last two may be detrimental because they tell a lot about the feelings you have for the good intended for you.  When you are not ready to receive compliments, you do the same for the good you are waiting to come to you.  When you readily accept those praises, you are telling God that you also want to receive your good any time because you are willing and ready for it.  Good words or immaterial things are the same with material things when it comes to receiving.  Compliments for one, are also considered blessings like material things.  We should always accept them wholeheartedly and happily.  There are no big and small things in receiving one's good.  As always, you have to start receiving and appreciating small blessing like compliments.  More of this kind come to you and when you sum up all of them, you will be surprised that you have collected huge and myriads of compliments.

     Be worthy of the good that you want to receive, if not, you would definitely miss its essence.  That you are definitely deserving of all the good things in life.  It is just that each of us has our target that is different from others'.  Remember that you are deserving and worthy of what you want.  Feel it until it becomes naturally to you.  This way, your negative gesture changes to positive one.

     A Way To Receive Prosperity  
     Lately, I learned that accepting compliments paves the way to receiving prosperity.  Like what I've said earlier, immaterial and material things become one and the same when it comes to receiving.  Learning to accept compliments is learning to receive prosperity that we always pray for.  When we readily and gladly accept praises and feel so proud about them, we are also sending signal to the Universe that we deserve prosperity.  Welcoming compliments and allowing them to be delivered to us via those people who take time telling us, is the start of our desire to receive prosperity in life.  Why not practice accepting compliments now by acting worthy of them.  We can respond with different gestures, positive ones for this matter, like smiling and thanking them, writing a short note to people who gave those praises.

     So don't cringe, fret and be surprised when someone comes up and tells us we are pretty babes.  Be glad about it, feel happy about it, be thankful.  We all deserve to receive good words.  It is our birthright.  Receiving praises is natural to us.  So is receiving prosperity. 
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