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Getting Rich Is A Serious Business

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     Getting rich is the ultimate goal of all, I guess.  From the very first time that a man saw some paper bills, he immediately made a decision to acquire tons and tons of money.  There is nothing wrong with having this kind of ambition- to get rich.  Come to think of it, when you have money you have many things to do, buy and yes- but some would not really do- give.  Money creates a different kind of energy that keeps you going even if you have been working for more than ten hours in a day.  That is not surprising because the energy of money is positive and when you have the same energy, you two become inseparable.  People have different views as to how one can become rich.  Old schools say that you have to study hard and get a good job.  Once you have it, work your way to the top. But today's generation provides a number of opportunities to earn unlimited income with the advanced technologies we acquire nowadays.  There is no excuse to be idle or be a couch potato for long when every corner presents different options for you to claim your riches.  But the question is, are these choices the easiest ways to generate millions of money in a short time?  That can make you not only think twice but twenty times I guess to be able to make a sensible answer.  In fact, you have to consider several factors before you join the millionaire-wanna-bes in their quest for their ultimate dream.

Feelings/Beliefs About Money
     When you have difficulty attracting money into your life it is very likely that you have beliefs or feelings that do not support your goal- becoming rich.  Do you believe you deserve to receive millions of money?  Do you also believe that God wants you to be rich?  If you have answered NO  to all of those questions, you have beliefs that do not empower you or keeping you from achieving your goal.  All motivational speakers and success gurus are one and all in saying that before you can claim your riches, all your negative beliefs and feelings about money must go.  You must be "clear" before you can work on your money.  Examine your feelings about money, do you have two stories about it?  You want money but you can't have the job you want.  You want money but your family is really poor and uneducated and it is impossible for you to be rich.  Focus on one story all the time and be sure it is positive.  You want money because you can buy your dream house, car and latest gadgets.  You want money because you want to have a company of your own.  Things like that shift your feelings to be on the positive side and when you do so, more golden opportunities will be presented to you. You can attract your money sooner than later.  Another thing, do not hate your bills.  Just don't take much of your time analyzing why you spent huge sums on not so valuable things.  Be still, stay calm.  Affirm that all will be paid.  Don't you noticed that when you are calm, you can think of better solutions to your problems?  Remember that.

Make A Research/Study
     When you decide to get rich, you have to study how millionaires got their millions, what do they do and read, how they decide on things related to money.  Getting rich means you have to be in the business of the rich.  Although not all will tell about their trade secrets, I guess they do not really want to tell at all, you will get some ideas that will surely help you to get there.  But one thing is sure.  Millionaires have many sources of income, the so-called multiple streams of income.  You can't get rich if you have only one business, unless you are that already made before running a flourishing business.  When I realized that there must be multiple streams of income to get rich, it dawned on me that the reason why most people become thieves or robbers is that what they know is not enough.  You have to do your own assignment and assess yourself where you want to spend your precious time to earn big, big bucks.  Get your mentors.  Mentors are not limited to being flesh and blood.  You can buy books that you think supports your goals.  Try to attend seminars that will empower you and motivate you to get into your ultimate dream.

Millionaire Mountains
     In the book One Minute Millionaire by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, the authors enumerated the so-called Millionaire Mountains as sources of millions.  There are four of them and they believe that you have interest in one or maybe all of them.  They are Investments, Real Estate, Business and Internet.  We all know that people with lots of money not only invest in stocks but also trade.  But here, people who go into this must know or at least familiar with the ins and outs of this business.  Also included in the Investments area are mutual funds and bonds.  More are familiar with Real Estate, you buy and eventually sell the property and that is how you make money.  In this book they give an idea to those who are interested to go on this business without money down.  This is where Robert Kiyosaki earns his multi-millions.  In Business, there is this old saying that you have to know what product is hot in the market and if you find your prospective buyers, then create that product.  It still works up to know.  Others are advised to find something that they enjoy and find their market.  If there is a market for it, then create the product.  For the Internet, this is the newest among the four mountains.  I have read many people who have become multi-millionaires by just sitting in their houses and working with their computers.  The Internet has given a great opportunity to those who opted to work from home and still earn huge amount of money at the same time.  Mr. Allen backs the selling of information materials such as how-to topics to those who love to shop on the net.  If one can write a book, he can sell it in different versions-book itself, e-book and the audio version.  According to him, there is money in selling information materials especially to those who love to write.  Now, you can choose from the four mountains or better yet, get into those four and see how much money you make from them.

     So you see, it is not enough that you make an intention to get rich, you must act as well.  The action must be well-planned and studied.  It involves much of your time, energy and soul.  As you learn, you make money.  As you make money, you learn more.  As you learn more, you become an expert on your chosen field.  When you become an expert, you become a millionaire to multi-millionaire.  It is a process because it involves your time, effort, energy and your soul.  It is really a serious business.
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