Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you desire anything in your life now and feel very creative in expressing it, why not create your own Treasure Map! It is not about hunting your millions of money or gold in a particular place. It is your "visual prayer" wherein the contents are collections of pictures of what you want to happen in your life presented in your most artistic way.

If you are not keen on visualizing your desires and holding them with your eyes closed in few minutes, you can always try to visualize them through pictures you cut out from a magazine, pasted on a white board and are best representation of your desires. You can actually see them with your eyes wide open and choose to hold the white board with your own hands.

Before making your own Treasure map, you have to decide first which area in your life you want to focus on. Do you want to:

- buy your dream house?
- buy your dream car?
- have a healthy body?
- have an exciting and rewarding career?
- have a happy personal life?
- have your dream vacation in Europe?
- have a college degree?
- have spiritual enlightenment?

The lists are endless. The most important is to focus on one area at a time as your subconscious mind will have a hard time determining which area needs immediate attention when there are many options presented. If you have chosen the area to work on, gather the following materials:

- cut-out pictures from magazines. They should best represent your desires. The more vivid and detailed, the better.
- paste or glue
- scissors
- spiritual symbol. It can be a picture of God, angel or a place that you think will give powerful effect on your creation.
- an image of yourself
- money should be included. Real money is preferred although play money is acceptable.
- illustration board

Before you begin decorating your Treasure Map, close your eyes and visualize in details the thing you desire most. See it happening in your life now. Doing this will help in releasing your energy that is needed in working on your desires. You can begin now to create your own Treasure Map.

After you have done your Treasure Map, such as pasting your pictures, spiritual symbol, image of yourself, money, you can add positive phrases or words anywhere. Words such as exciting, happy, satisfied, great etc., add a sort of power in your Treasure Map. Finish it with an affirmation.

Put your Treasure Map in a place where you can immediately view it. It is best that you see it always and feel it to remind you of your desires and encourage you to give your best to make them happen. If you do not want others to see it for fear of being ridiculed about it, you can keep it in a safe place where you can easily retrieve it whenever you want to view it. Your Treasure Map will remind you that the things you desire most are realized when you are serious about making them true. It will keep you hopeful as soon as you wake up in the morning and it will give you a reason to live a purposeful life, the kind of life God wants you to have.

So why not make one now? It will only take a while to achieve your desires. Yes, in God's time.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Do you want to know the secrets of famous and successful people? Aside from working long hours, good public relations and acquired leadership skill, there is another secret that is not unusual to common people and people aspiring to be successful. All it takes is a little of one's time and effort and go let it happen!

Once there was a depressed man who would complain of lack of money, work and inspiration. He spent all his days whining and contemplating on the things that he did not have. This resulted to his being irritable, gloomy and disheartened. He sent out negative vibrations to the Universe constantly. The Universe, in turn, gave what he deserved most- distressing situation. One time while he was reading a newspaper, he chanced upon a column that gave advice to people who were down and out. He wrote to this fellow about his plight and received an unusual recommendation. "Stop complaining man! Start writing down your life dreams and read them everyday. You may be feeling tired, weak and low now but your spiritual level is high. Quickly, do it now. After five years, you will notice that all of them have manifested."

Writing them down seem to have a magical effect. Once they are written, some forces connive to give utmost help to the owner of that dreams. Do not ever think of keeping them inside your drawer, not look at nor think about it. One has to read them everyday until he has become what he wants to be.

Reading them everyday makes one hopeful and positive in working on the next chapter of his life. It gives reason to get up every morning and face the day filled with hope and joy. Now, one is ready to act upon those dreams.

Notice that in almost all books written by Og Mandino, he always asks his readers to write an inspirational line or positive affirmation on index card and read it everyday for thirty days, until that line sinks into the mind of the readers.

In a particular reunion of former Harvard students, ten years after they left the school, ten attendees were a stand out in that gathering. Questions were thrown to them as to how they were able to achieve such a feat in their professional lives. All ten successful ones were unanimous in their answer- they all wrote down their life dreams. They prayed for them, acted on them and most importantly, read them everyday. They found out that after almost ten years, they have realized their life dreams.

Writing them down and reading them everyday give one the energy to act on them. Courage comes next then commitment. You will be drawn to people who will help you achieve your dreams. Funds start to come in and opportunities knock on your door.

It is never too late to do it. All of us are given the chance to recreate our lives. No human being wants to remain stagnant all his life. We are bound to improve ourselves by improving our lives because our world is a better place to live in when we are functioning well.

You may be at a loss as to what you should write as your life dream. Seek inside your heart. Determine your desires. God has planted the desires in your heart. Pursuing one's life dream and use them in purposeful way is one reason why you are created by God. Meditate on this and you will know later what you have got to do here.

Get your pen and paper and start writing down your life dream. Read it everyday and experience the magical life you always want to have.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3: "Then the Lord answer me and said: Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"I've got to have a meaningful life!" This line was recited by a foreign actress in her film shown several years ago. I did not see anything senseless in her life then except that she was presented as an ordinary human being with ordinary life.

My idea of meaningful life may be different from others. All I know is that everyone wants to have a meaningful life. One may aspire for wealth and share some with those who are in dire need of it. Another one dreams of life that is filled with love happiness and freedom from all sufferings. Would you believe that many people think that the lives of rich and famous are meaningful simply because they always make an impact on common people? They say it is so since they have a colorful life- many activities showcasing wealth, abundance and happy times. This is the kind of life that really matters according to most typical human beings.

What about the life of a fisherman? A vendor? Do their lives have meaning even though they live an ordinary life and nothing unusual has been said or heard about them about how they live? A fisherman catches as many fish as they can and sell them to vendors. Vendors, in turn, sell large number of fish to consumers. This is how they create their lives. Nothing spectacular compared to rich and famous. They never complain of the usual events that occur in their lives as they are resigned to the fact that that is the only way for them to live. No showing of riches, parties and good times. This is the reason why some people view this kind of life as senseless.

Life is interesting regardless of what one does. What is important is one does good deed everyday. You save every good deed you do everyday and your future will become more colorful. I repeat, more colorful because your life now is painted with different colors as you continually do something good.

It is not necessary that one has a paid job to make his or her life meaningful. Jobless too has a fascinating life. The mere fact that you move such as cleaning the house or washing the dishes, one is adding spice to his or her life. Perfecting household chores is a big deal as it needs a lot of effort, time and strength. Same with doing an office job like typing, or solving company problems, it consumes a lot of time, effort and intelligence.

You can always compare the lives of ordinary persons with famous persons. If they are comparable, it means they are of the same quality. Never think that because one's life never earns a space in a publication, it is useless. There are always lessons to be learned in life. As one learns a lesson, he or she is compelled to do something worthwhile. This is what makes life meaningful. Whether you are in a blissful life or happens to be in between comfortable and troubled lives, you are in-charge of your life. Do what you have to do at the moment and trust God, the Universe and yourself for the good life you deserve now. Remember, life is what you make it.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Do you really know who you are? I came across this line when I read a book about achieving success in career. I have to agree with the author of the book that the question has to be answered truthfully particularly when one is searching for her or his true calling. Why does one have to seek her or his true calling? True calling is where your desires and passion reside. Happiness, success, fulfillment and creativity are the offsprings of true calling. The reason why many people spend almost an entire life searching for true calling. While some have found theirs early in their career life, others have opted to stay where they are even if their jobs are not really meant for them.

I, for one, have been seeking mine endlessly, having worked for over a decade in my life. I took many jobs before and all were listed in my work history. One can tell my dissatisfaction to every job I had as one observes my length of stay in each company. That is because at the end of the day my inner self disturbed me by sending signals that I was not cut into my current work. I hopped from one job to another as I continue to search the right one for me. You could even call me jack of almost all trades.

Starting from being a clerk/typist, I became a secretary later. I moved on to another department after a year to handle documentation of parcels. I went back to being a secretary but this time, I was serving the highest man of our company, the President.

I even tried working as Membership Consultant of a prestigious, international credit card wherein I got the chance to rub elbows with high ranking people of business industry. What else was next? Professional Service Representative. My entrance to medical world where I mingled with doctors of different hospitals. Different doctors with different moods and whims.

My love affair with medical field went even further as I completed another Bachelor's degree in Allied Health. It was not an easy journey though. It was not even my own decision. It was my father's. The four years were marked with depression, fear and a little anger because I had to deal with different kinds of people and challenges in each subject. I was surprised to discover that I could handle so much stress as my patience and tolerance were tested to the maximum. I felt vindicated after finishing the course and passing the local board. I thought I have found my calling in teaching, but I was wrong.

When I analyzed my career life, I uncovered some facts that led me to my previous jobs. They were dictated by people around me. They were the current trends then. They were the answers to some unavoidable circumstances. I could not recall one job that truly reflected my self, my own person. It was a world of pain and frustration. However, I like to believe that they assisted in molding me to become a person who is ready for the next challenges. I also bear in mind that what happened before was just a preparation for bigger things to come.

I now welome change in my life. For a start, I am going back to my early part of my life. I am trying to recall my desires then since during those times I had many deams. I may have forgotten something that may help in reviving my career. Yes, I do remember one passion then. It seemed that my desires and passion then were a team. I want to adopt them again. God given talents? I have them. I want to use them to pursue my life dreams.

I would like to test the water to see if the old tandem works now. I want to accomplish something that will show the real me. I have to have my purpose in life. I have to act in accordance to my mission. It takes a lot of courage to gather all my reserves for my priority. I have to do what God has called me to do. Pursuing my life dream is one precious gift I can give back to God.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It is not easy to combat colds and even slight fever. It is like a gruelling race. I have been feeling listless for the past several days now and have been procrastinating that long. Emerging as winner from this situation seemed remote as the weather continous to change.

When you are down with flu your mind does not want to function or at least present you something good to stay calm. You feel sad, irritated and really lazy. You tend to recall unfortunate events that should have been buried and excluded from your blissful life. It robs you of your happiness. You forget to smile and do good to others. You feel that negative energy pervades your territory and you start to worry about its outcome in your life if you continue to dwell on these demented feelings.

I am not used to taking medicines when experiencing colds. Rest, warm water to drink and Vitamin C are always my allies in treating this kind of ailment. I like to think that they are good alternatives.

But this time, I changed my mind. I took several tablets for my colds. I was just following instruction. I did not want to feel another painful manifestations of another disease. My recovery was quite fast and I thought it was over. However, I experienced body aches after that and I knew I had another one- fever. I was forced to take paracetamol hoping to end my misery very soon. When I felt I had won the battle, another case came in. I suffered from indigestion due to swallowing all these bitter tablets. I had history of ulcer and my digestive system became sensitive to almost all kinds of medicines.

I forgot. The body is capable of healing itself. All I had to do then was to take a rest and turned to my allies(rest, warm water and Vitamin C). Maybe, my body is telling me to slow down and I chose to ignore it. I have a diminished life force or prana because I have not been doing my breathing exercises for quite sometime. Yes, when you have low energy you are vulnerable to any kind of disease. All of us breathe but knowing the proper way to breathe is another thing. Taking in fresh air is good to your respiratory system as well as your circulatory system. Good breathing techniques make your body healthy. Having more oxygen in your blood, combined with nutrients, gives a healthy, rosy skin too.

There were two writers who suffered the same fate. One took several kinds of medicines while the other one went for treatment the East way- she drank several glasses of warm water with grated ginger and some other herbs. Can you guess who got out of that gloomy situation first? According to the writer who chose the East method, she got better first. Well, this is not to contradict the West method as one is free to try anything that he or she thinks will work better.

Just bear in mind that there is a doctor in your own person. You can also heal yourself. You just have to know your body's capabilities. Simple ailment has a corresponding simple treatment. It is you responsibility to know what can work for you. Be familiar with your own body, remember your past medical history, allergies and disease you may get according to your family history. Having enough knowledge about yourself will help you to determine which method or treatment can work for you as you do your research.

But wait, do not ever think that you have become the doctor that can heal any disease. As the saying goes,
"if symptoms persist, consult your true doctor."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


A famous Hollywood actress bared her well-sculpted body in a commercial. Likewise, a prominent Chinese actress who was able to make it quite big in Hollywood posed nude with some lettuce leaves shielding her private parts. For what reason? To stop killing animals just to be eaten and used for clothing and accessories. They promote vegetarianism.

We all know the benefits of eating vegetables. It has been taught to us since we were toddlers. Dietitians and Nutritionists urge us to include several servings of vegetables in our meals everyday.

Being vegetarian means discarding meat, beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc., from our plates. It is considered a tough act by many who love to eat meat cooked in many a different way. Yes, many meat lovers agree that eating meat is indeed good for the body because of the protein it provides. Many feel sluggish and weary when their protein level depletes. The amount of protein in our body is a good topic for discussion particularly to those consuming large amount of meat all the time.

I have not been eating meat, pork and beef, for several years now. After I finished dissecting the first cadaver in our Anatomy 1 class, I decided to stay away from meat. Even before that incident, I was contemplating giving up meat but I could not think of a better way to do it. Now, I feel better and lighter without meat and indigestion is now a thing of the past to me.

Buddhism is one religion that advocates vegetarianism. Its main reason for doing so is for compassion. The Dalai Lama defined compassion as a state of mind that is non-violent, non- harming. When one has a compassionate heart he or she can easily wish other people to be free of their sufferings or wish them well always. Being compassionate should not be limited to human beings but should be extended to animals as well. For Buddhists, killing animals is an evil action. The killer eventually suffers the consequence of his or her action. This is called karma. No one will be able to escape this law. Buddhists could not bear the pain suffered by animals while being slaughtered, skinned, dismembered and cooked to satisfy human hunger. By refusing to eat meat, one lessens the sufferings of other living organisms. It is an expression of compassion, though only minimal, one can offer.

Truly, Buddhists do not even kill insects such as ants. They would rather see the real reason behind the build up of this insects in particular spots of the house or office. Killing them will never be an option. Those who are compassionate at heart can even ask these tiny creatures to leave the spots where they gather in groups and in a matter of minutes they are gone.

There are some advantages worth considering when one is a vegetarian:

1. By being a vegetarian, a person is able to keep a pure heart and mind. This is important in self-development or self-actualization.

2. Having lean and healthy body is easy to achieve.

3. Maintaining youthful appearance is never a problem. Eating your greens results to having fresh and glowing skin.

4. Removing toxins is like an ordinary occurence as vegetables sweep those waste products inside the body. A longer life span is possible and development of illness is seldom a part of your system.

5. Since you are able to keep a pure mind and body, you radiate a different aura. Most people are drawn to you and you are easily liked by them.

Let us take a look at the negative consequences of eating meat:

1. It encourages cruelty to animals and killing more of them.

2. Having merciful and compassionate heart is limited to few living organisms.

3. Development of illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis. This holds true especially when meat being eaten came from animals that were sick even before they were slaughtered and cooked.

4. You are what you eat. When you feast on cooked meat from a particular animal that is considered wild and frightening, somehow you eventually become like them. You are hot-headed, critical of other people and not easy to be with.

Remember that there is a reward for every act. Good act is equal to good reward. Evil act results to evil reward. On second thought, you think of those working in restaurants serving meat dishes. Or those who are working in meat stalls, those butchers, do you condemn them? So many things to consider. But you always have a choice.

Wait, those great bodies in commercials and posters. They serve as inspirations to women and make some men drool. You want to tell yourself this: It's's time to go vegan.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Have a good day

1. Upon waking up in the morning, say first your prayer to your God. Thank Him for giving you another day filled with love, hope, happiness and blessings. Offer yourself to God and make a promise to praise and thank Him throughout the day.

2. Meditate. Close you eyes and relax as you focus on your breathing. Think of nothing. Feel joy, kindness, compassion, strength and love. Feel them not think. This will help you start your day right.

3. See yourself on the mirror. Tell yourself, "you are beautiful" or "you are handsome." "You are blessed as a daughter/son of God. This is a great day for you."

4. Have a healthy breakfast. Drink your favorite coffee or milk. Have your herbal tea if you want. Choose wheat bread over your regular white bread. A little spread of butter or your favorite jam will do. Fruits such as apple, orange and banana are good choices for dessert as they help in cleansing your digestive system.

5. As soon as you see other people on your way to your work, wish them well silently. Do this even to those you are not familiar with.

6. At work, focus your mind in what you are doing. Give your best to your job. Mind your co-workers when you feel they need a little help from you. Do not worry as this kind of scenario will not interfere with your work. Since two heads are better than one, it will speed up the whole work all of you are doing. Perfecting your job means you are ready to move on to the next higher level.

7. After you have done your work for the day, congratulate yourself for a job well done. This will encourage you to contribute more of your talent, time and creativity in your work the next day.

8. Have a light dinner at home so you can easily prepare yourself to sleep. Having enough sleep, usually seven to eight hours, will help you to function at your best the next day.

9. Talk to your family about your day's experience. Encourage other members to tell their stories too. This is a great time to bond and share little moments before calling it a day.

10. Pray and talk to God about the lessons that you have learned for the day. Give thanks to Him.

11. Meditate. Fill your mind with good thoughts. Feel love, compassion and kindness. This will encourage true dreaming on your part.

Do not just read. DO IT...NOW!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We have a reunion every Sunday. Really, that often. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Three or four families do meet every Sabbath day to renew ties, trade secrets and stories and update each other about the latest buzz in town. The others join us once a year as they are staying in different continent. Well, when that happens, expect our house to be a bit jolted as different kinds of energy pervade in all corners of our residence and loud noises brought about by different tones of voices vibrate all over our place. Our home, peaceful and noiseless home, now resembles a market place as each of us relate his or her great story.

Each has his or her unique reason as to why it is important to have bonding moments like this.

But we all agree that it is for the children first and foremost. They need to know the members of their family tree. It is vital for them to be familiar with their relatives and build good, loving relationship with them, aside from their parents. It will help them get along with other people of different ages later on. Moreover, they can choose someone who can be an inspiration and a role model to them.

Children are a blessing. They are considered angels because they are pure, witty and always ready with their beautiful smiles as their names are called. Older ones must treat them with tender, loving care as children readily submit to or obey someone who makes them special.

Joel Osteen, a well-known Pastor in America, mentioned in his book Your Best Life Now, that if we want our children to have a bright future, we must bless them and utter to them only kind words. As they embrace our kind words and instill them in their minds, they will possess an aura of success, confidence and power necessary for them to fulfill their dreams.

As for the older ones, be wary of the attitudes and emotions we demonstrate to our children since they are not able to discern yet the good from the bad. They will just go with the flow, mimicking every action of the older ones. Later on, all these are within their systems and will be hard to eliminate.

Of course, I love to interview my nephews and nieces always. When I ask them why they love to go to our house, they will answer, "Gusto naming kumain ng kare-kare ni Mang!"
The older ones butt in, "Mechado!" These are the dishes that complete their Sundays with us. My mother, who we call Mang, reveals that she has no secret ingredients in cooking the food but every visitor lucky enough to have tasted her kare-kare and mechado, tell us "ang sarap! Anong sekreto?" Even our siblings from abroad, days before their arrival, will ask our mother to cook kare-kare first then, mechado on some days. From Navotas to Vermont in Malate to Meycauayan in Bulacan to Los Angeles in California, my mother's dishes have become the favorite of all. Mang never fails to give them her best even now that she has reached the age of 71. She is getting better, so do her kare-kare and mechado.

After that, we will tell stories to the younger ones about our favorite past times then. We orient them about our games like piko, batong preso, chinese garter. We explain to them that our activities required us to use all parts of our bodies including our brains making us more healthy and lively. Then one nephew would contradict it that our games have somehow become "jologs" now considering the proliferation of computer games like tantra and dota which make them glued to their seats for a long time. We think that this kind of diversion is making the younger generation more lazy since only the fingers are moving, aside from the brain. Nevertheless, it can help them to be alert from time to time.

We never fail to mention to them how hot pandesal was such a craze back then. When the clock striked at 3:00pm, almost all were having hot pandesal with matching hot coffee or hot chocolate in their houses. One can even smell the aromas coming from these food which was a bit relaxing to us. Now, almost all go for Go Nuts Donuts or if you want to keep up with the Joneses you can try Krispy Kreme Donuts. There is danger in here, these specialties are super rich meaning with high calories and very sweet so threats are up for those suffering from high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

When it comes to music, it was the tune of the 70's hits, new wave of the 80's that dominated the charts and radios that time. We are very proud to say to our younger ones that we are lucky to have experienced living in these significant decades because most of the songs from these times are still being played in radio stations today. Songs of VST & Co., Rey Valera hits, Boyfriends' danceable tunes, the 80's British music invasion, U2, Petshop Boys, Duran Duran. They have become classic and will forever be. One nephew asks us, "buhay pa ba sila?" We tell them that some are still up and about and active in the field of music but others have resigned to do worthwhile tasks. They have mellowed as they say, "tumatanda na kasi." It is rap time for younger generation and only through them did I get to know these rappers. Frankly, when rap tunes hit the airwaves, I have stopped listening to the radios because I could not dance to its tune. I have never liked rap music.

For the get ups, now the younger ones can relate, "uso pala ang bell-bottom pants dati?" " "Yes, what you are wearing now is reminiscent of the 70's and 80's," we answered. Puff sleeves, midrib blouse, pedal pusher pants, one shoulder shirt, they are products of the past decades and they are being revived from time to time.

We also recount our experiences in school. How we hurdled those difficult exams. How we got away from notorious and terror teachers. All of them seem to be interested even if these stories are told over and over again.

I believe that imparting these with younger ones will help them know and understand their parents, aunties, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers more as we mention the kind of life we went through before. It will give them insights as to how they will face the challenges in life later on. Also, this will encourage them to tell their own stories to their would be children. We mention to them that recent past decades are just as important as the decades of Rizal and other heroes. Simply because people close to them can be their heroes and idols even if their names did not land the pages of broadsheet and magazine. Now, they are eager to know their roots thru our story telling and they look forward to more stories every Sunday.

By the time we say the last line of the story, we are almost done with our merienda. Pancit luglog and spaghetti are some of the food we serve on Sunday afternoon. Puto bumbong is also a favorite, so is ginataang halo-halo. After that, it is eat and run. They are all in a hurry because it is already 5:00pm. Some beso-beso and short talks and they are off to their own abodes.

Not without telling us, "O, parang kumbento na naman itong bahay nyo pag-alis namin."

Friday, September 14, 2007


As I read the book The Art of Happiness, a compilation of interviews granted to psychiatrist Howard Cutler by the Dalai Lama, I am amazed at how the spiritual leader handles life's never-ending dramas and battles.

He claims that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Such a mundane mission if one may think. As we continue to live in this world and meet different kinds of people, experiencing different kinds of obstacles, our purpose in life can be shaped and molded by these occurrences.

Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment. Or a pleasurable experience. Winning an award brings happiness. So does making a lot of money. But this particular source of happiness is not the one emphasized by the well-known spiritual leader. Happiness should not come from these tangible things because this type is classified as impermanent things. They come and go. They give temporary pleasure. Impermanence causes suffering more than happiness.

According tho the Dalai Lama, happiness should come from one's self. Within one's self. Beginning from the mind, by changing one's perspective, the way one sees other people's ways and actions and the way one interprets certain unforseen events. Focusing on the brighter side always, may help one overcome life's challenges. It is easier to work out any problem when one sees it as an opportunity to discover other possibilities that will help him rise above the situation. The result is utmost satisfaction in life. Similar to achieving happiness.

It is really surprising that there is one person who can mingle with many people of different race, religion, attitude and yet exhibits the kind of gentleness and kindness only God can possess. He revealed that having these traits is inherent in him and in other people as well. In fact, he stressed that every person is naturally gentle, calm and kind and being rude, bad and vulgar may be the result of some outside forces or misuse of human intelligence.

Really, when we see our enemies, we perceive them as 100% evil. No amount of kindness nor gentleness runs in their blood. But the Dalai Lama will always refuse to focus on the imperfections of man. He will always reflect on the person's positive side because it will be easier for him to communicate when he dwells on one's good side. This paves the way to a better, harmonious relationship according to him.

The Dalai Lama would like to point out that each of us has a way or can get away from a bad circumstance. He added that we should be thankful for the difficulties each of us is facing. It is a kind of test for us. Seeing this kind of circumstance as a chance to improve one's self, purify one's mind, it is an indication that one is moving forward and willing to open up one's self to others.

This kind of mental discipline not only applies to our relationship with other people but also to our everyday situations wherein we are faced with difficulties and different human problems.

Seek happiness that is lasting and not temporary. Truly, there is no guarantee that material things such as money, cars, jewelries and even loved ones can give us lasting happiness. Happiness can only be found within ourselves. It has to come from us. Only when we are able to work on our inner selves can we gain the wisdom that will lead us to the kind of happiness that we should seek in our lives.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


One morning I woke up feeling tired and somewhat gloomy. Despite my condition, I was able to say my prayer of thanks to God. I got up and approached my dressing table. "Shacks!" "Puffy eyes?" Also, a line under each eye and oily skin. "Oh please don't ruin my day!" I cried.

I was not able to get a good night sleep, that was the reason. A good night sleep to me is having seven hours of almost continous sleep. I need to have it badly. What makes my day? Having "perfect" face according to my standard. I repeat, according to my standard and not according to standard of some well known beauty gurus like Bobbie Brown or Estee Lauder. Furthermore, I do not mean seeing the face of Gretchen Barretto or Keira Knightly superimposed on my image as I look myself on the mirror.

Not so oily skin, reduced puffiness of my eyes, pinkish lips. That is how I described my "perfect" face.

Sometimes, I would blame my parents for not giving me good genes. Having this means having impeccable complexion. It is the real reason behind perfect skin not expensive facials, glutathione tablets, papaya soaps. Of course, not everyone is blessed with good genes that is why Doctors Belo and Calayan are laughing their way to their banks as they continue to concoct cosmetics, the fountain of youth according to them, that promise to bring back the youthful appearance of their clients. But for how long can one delay aging and defy gravity?

I have mixed reactions to people who undergo cosmetic surgery not just to improve their appearance but to change entirely their looks without really knowing the consequences of their actions. At first, I will feel happy for them as they achieved the desired results. Look at those 3 finalists of Ms. Ugly No More, they look awesome now! But on second thought, what about the repercussions? Are they sure that their old identities will be forever locked inside their closets? How long will the new look last? Some questions I am sure will likely to beset them later on. As they say, to each his own. If one wants to change his or her looks and it will make him or her really happy, go for it. I also admit that my opinion will never matter to them. Truly, signs of aging can be unforgiving despite the fact that it is inevitable.

A former beauty queen of ours once told the media that she would never resort to cosmetic surgery because she is happy with her still youthful appearance. Her one beauty secret is that she has found a man who is likely to stay with her even if wrinkles and white hair decorate her looks. But this revelations were uttered before she formally introduce her daughter to the modelling world. Now, she is singing a different tune. She is likely to consider going under the knife when the need arises. Maybe she felt a little insecure or threatened because her daughter successfully stole the limelight away from her.
That only made true her classic line: Beauty is 99% youth.

For those who would like to fight aging and gravity the natural way, having positive outlook in life, taking care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy, organic food and detoxifying once in a while can bring miracles in your bodies. But if your beauty dilemma nags you that cosmetic surgery is the only way, do it. Just make sure to consult the experts.

On my part, over the counter and natural remedies still work for me. I will just focus on other parts of me that will greatly camouflage my flaws. I like to believe that we are created less perfect to have the opportunity to discover other potentials in us. I know of some who are considered gods and goddesses for having great face and body and what do you know about them aside from their acknowledged assets? None! They do not bother to think of other talents and skills inherent in them. They are just concentrating on what they have at the moment believing that those are enough to propel them to success. But what will happen if those assets are taken away from them? Rediscovering one's self is never an option to them. Thank God for the lesser goddess like me. I continue to find and know the real me since inner self knows the real answer to life's battles. Again, to each his own.

Go East like yoga, qigong, reiki, tai chi, organic food. Or go West such as pilates, weight lifting, cardio exercise on the treadmill, botox treatment. The choice is endless and be glad that we always have a choice.

Back to me, having oily skin would mean delayed appearance of the dreaded wrinkles. You see, a flaw can have its purpose.

Friday, September 7, 2007


I got hold of a book authored by Michael Losier. Entitled Law of Attraction, it is one of the most intriguing books I have read.

The author studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a subject that deals with how the mind and thoughts work and the effects on human being. He got interested with the subject because he wants to help others to rise above their difficult situations and attain utmost satisfaction in their lives.

In his book he defined the words Law of Attraction as "I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative."

The book teaches one how to deliberately attract the things he really wants and not to give energy to what he really does not want. And it will start with a thought. It may seem trivial since the thinker never wants to think of bad things to happen in his or her life. But it takes a lot of discipline to really do it.

We may not be aware of it, but unconsciously, we send out negative thoughts to the Universe and since we can only send one type of vibration, positive or negative, at a time, the outcome will be the basis of the type of vibration we send. If good things happen to us most of the time, we are doing a great job since we are sending positive vibration and positive thoughts fill our mind always. If series of unfortunate events visit us often, we are surely neglecting our good habits.

One example of this is when you tell yourself that you will pass the examination but deep inside you, a feeling of incompetence hound you every minute, even though you have done your homework well. While taking the exam, you feel nervous and anxious. You are ready to freak out because most of the details you have memorized are lost somewhere in your mind and retrieving them is proving to be difficult to do as you are running out of time. The result? You became what you thought of.

The author presented 3 steps Formula for deliberate attraction:

1) Identify your desire.
2) Give your desire attention.
3) Allow it.

1) Identify your desire. One of the reasons why one does not get what he wants is that he does not know what he really wants. Make up your mind! You may consider an area in your life wherein you are least satisfied, say you career. When you choose to make an improvement in your career, list down all the things that will help make your career great. You may write, "good working relationship with my co-workers." Never write in negative tone such as "I do not want to work with people who are always envious of other person's success." Always write in positive and encouraging tone.

2) Give your desire attention. You have identified your desire and enumerated the things that will help in manifesting your desire. No need to read your list everyday. All you have to do is give it attention, energy and focus by including it in your current vibration. Example is when you are visualizing your desire, when you are noticing something nice, or when you are observing something you do not like. You have to include your desire in whatever emotions or feelings you have at the moment and even in whatever you do. But never put you list inside your drawer and completely forget about it. Manifestation of your desire will never take place.

3) Allow it. Allow it to happen. The most important of all steps. You are forwarned not to have even a small doubt during this time. Doubt is considered a negative vibration and having this will cause delay and even cancellation of manifestation of your desire. Believe and expect your desire to manifest. This is the most important job that you can contribute. Allow the Universe to work in the manifestation of your desire and never intervene or do something to hasten its materialization. That will cause delay. It is the job of the Universe to figure out how to bring to you your desire. Sit back and relax. You may feel some hunches or hear voices within you telling you to take part. That is the time to act.

As to when you will get what you want depends also on some factors, according to some people who are experts on this subject: If you are ready to accept the responsibility, if it is the right time, if you are worthy of such desire. When it is taking you too long to manifest your desire, the Universe is trying to tell you something. Bear in mind too that what you want may cause harm on other people. So think about it deeply.

In the movie 13 going 30, the teenage girl is in a hurry to grow up and be the woman she wants to be. She is considered a plain Jane and quite stubborn but very much loved by her parents and her male bestfriend.

On the day of her 13th birthday, she uttered her fervent wish while she was sitting inside her cabinet. She must have given her all and energy to it that in a matter of seconds her wish was granted.

She woke up in her plush apartment. She almost screamed when she saw herself on the mirror- grown-up(this time played by Jennifer Garner) with a bigger bosom, the kind that she really wanted, and a body to die for. Little by little, she discovered all her wrongdoings: she and her boyfriend were into pre-marital sex, she was having an affair with a married man, she almost forgot that her parents were still alive and that she had never visited them for quite sometime.

She worked as an editor in a fashion magazine. Although her career was doing good, she was besieged with several problems. Among them was her unrequitted love. Her bestfriend was not that into her.

What she wished for was given to her and yet she was disappointed because the events were overwhelming and she realized that it was not the kind of world for her to live in. The new world is set in year 2000 but her heart and mind function 20 years behind. Fate allowed her to live her dream but only to teach her a lesson: correct all her mistakes and clean up. She got back to her present world. She spent most of her time loving her parents and yes, she married her bestfriend.

Be careful on what you wish for. It may not be the kind of life you really want. Make sure that it is really yours and not dictated by people surrounding you.

Mr. Losier may not include this in his book but his subject can also be Bible-based. In Matthew 21:22 it says that "whatever ye shall ask, believing, ye shall receive." It also has 3 steps: pray, believe and receive. The techniques may be different but the essence is very much the same.

There is an unforgettable line in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:"If you really want something deep in you heart, the Universe will conspire." So there...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


All of us dream of bringing success in all areas of our lives: marriage and family life, spiritual, personal, career and health. Very few people have attained victory in all areas of their lives. Most of us are still working very hard to achieve our desired results. Some have seen their goals come to pass in a very short time while others are taking a long time to realize their dreams.

Achievers revealed that the end product- goals, dreams, destinations, whatever you call them, that resemble success is not the sweetest of them all. The time spent, circumstances, experiences, lessons, frustrations, mistakes and failures are the most important factors that shape an individual once he submits himself to personal transformation to be the best person he can be in every area of his life. These are things that he will likely remember once he starts to reminisce the unforgettable battles of his life.

I have gotten myself a number of books about success and regaining power to have an almost perfect life. Many factors are disclosed to us about how to achieve success in everything we do. Maybe it is just a matter of choosing what you think may work wonder in your life. It may seem impossible to comply with all the tips enumerated in the books. But I want to share with you some pointers which I really think are valuable in bringing success to our lives.

1) Program your mind. Should I say reprogram your mind? Many years of believing that you, yourself is a failure created havoc to your whole being. Guard your mind against thinking negative thoughts. If you send the Universe your pessimistic thoughts, you would definitely attract pessimistic people, circumstances, attitudes. Remember that your life follows your thoughts, so always think of happy, victorious and positive thoughts and all these will eventually fill your life.

2) Be a good listener. Most of us want to be the center of attraction by talking all the time. We want others to know that we are superior and knowledgeable. Are we the only one? Surely, others have great stories to tell and they believe too that those who listen to them can learn something from them. Allow others to take the centerstage and let them say their piece. No matter how short the speech is we can always gain something significant from it.

3) Control your emotions. In everything you do, be it good or bad, there is a corresponding comment to take. Whatever it is, accept it wholeheartedly and work on areas that need immediate improvement. Do not let those few words change your mood from happy to blue. No person, thing or circumstance should influence your disposition. No one or thing has the power to make you sad, discontent or happy. Always remain in control of yourself.

4) Allow the not-so-good situation to happen in your life. Now this may sound absurd. Who wants to experience disaster in life? Certainly, nobody wants it. There are some situations happening in our lives which are beyond our control and no matter how hard we fight them we end up crushed and weary. We are advised not to resist them. Instead, recognize the opportunities hidden in them. It maybe that changes have to take place and there should be some refining jobs that have to be made on our part that impurities are being drawn out from us. Our character, faith and trust are being tested and we are being prepared for a more challenging situation that we will encounter later in life. You always have a choice but always choose to be better than bitter. Do not wallow in waste while experiencing this plight. Get up and work on an action plan. Rise above the situation and see the endless possibilities for advancement.

5) Learn to give. Never think that in giving, it only involves money. If you have money, by all means give! You can give to your church, your favorite charity and people who are sick. You can also give what you need at the moment. If you need a job, you can also help other job seekers find their dream jobs. If you need love, give it to those who may have abandoned by their loved ones. Bear in mind that you will always receive what you give. If you want your dream to come to pass, help others to fulfill their dreams. You may find joy in giving and God loves a cheerful giver.

6) Improve yourself. The skills you acquired several years ago have become obsolete by now and a little upgrading is needed to keep up with the latest trends. Acquiring new skills is vital in surviving the challenges in life particularly in your career.

7) Believe in yourself. If you will not believe in yourself, who else will? You are a unique creation of God and with this conviction, you are always sure that everything good will happen to you. You have the intelligence, power, ability and God's guidance to be the best person you want to be. You are created to be a winner in life and with this thinking, obstacles that come to you will just be regarded as spices that make your life truly challenging.

8) Trust in God. Know that God is in control and will always bring out the best in you even if you are in your most trying times. God is working in some ways that are not easily seen by you, but you are sure that He is always watching you. Being his child, you should acknowledge the fact the you are blessed, always.

Seems easy to follow rules but the truth is, as we work our way to success, we can always expect hindrances to get in the way. As they say, our victories are always made up of different kinds of obstacles- negative thoughts, frustrations, setbacks, mistakes, evil persons. All these make our personal exploration to be more meaningful, exciting and intriguing. Consequently, refining and molding us to emerge as champions in life.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


As I write this piece, my mind is preoccupied with so many things. Both essential and non-essential ones. Clearing my mind of some cobwebs proved to be difficult as some thoughts were insisting to occupy a significant space in my mind.

I remember when cleaning our room seemed to be a not so easy chore to do. Why? Because I would easily bump my leg to a wooden cabinet causing bruise or wound instantly. Sometimes it was my arm that would hit the edge of a cabinet making me pause for a while and wait until the pain had subsided. When I showed the marks to my mother she told me, "you were always thinking of so many things!" She was right then.

Too many thoughts, not related to what I was doing that time, prevented me to have a glimpse of those furnitures strategically placed in our room.

One morning, I had to rush to my transcription school because we would be having our long quiz, our first. As you know, this mode of transportation is usually jampacked with passengers shortly before the beginning of office or school hours. You can even smell the breath of people around you even if it seems that they are not breathing due to lack of breathing space inside. I was recalling the lessons I had reviewed the night before. I was unmindful of the condition inside the train as I racked my brains, trying very hard to review all the necessary details for the exam. I felt so exhausted and weary even if I had forgotten only a few of them, which may be unnecessary I thought. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for a moment. I shifted my head to my right and opened my eyes. I noticed a woman with long hair. Not the kind of hair you see and envy in a shampoo commercial. She had nice curls and her hairstrands were dyed light brown. I felt good staring at her hair. It was relaxing to me. It would be quite a crime if I would not let her know my admiration to her hair. "You have such nice curls," I told her. She smiled and said, "Oh, they are natural curls. You are not the only one who complemented my hair."

After that I moved my head to my left and started watching the buildings we passed by. Suddenly, the missing details that I wanted badly appeared in my mind as I, once again, closed my eyes. As expected, I did very well in my exam.

We always do that. When we are busy with a particular activity, we always tell ourselves that we should finish what we are doing ahead of time so we can go home early and rest. We always think of the future, the rewards that we will get, the next appoinment that we have to attend to. If not the future, we allow our past experiences to be replayed in our minds while working on assigned tasks. Then we complain that our work becomes boring, difficult and not making us happy anymore. We blame our co-workers, the department we are in and all these result to our being mediocre and unworthy of our jobs. We do not notice that the real reason is what preoccupies our minds. We are not concentrating in what we are supposed to do and this makes our jobs even harder.

Our teacher in Meditation class told us that one of the advantages of our studies is to help us focus or concentrate on what we are doing at the moment so that we can achieve the desired result. She emphasized that what we have at the moment is the most important. Past is past and you can never change it. The future? You will really never know what will happen next.

The now is what we have and we should nurture it. If we are focused on what we have or do at the moment, we can find happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction because we have all the time to work on it, perfect it, making it our masterpiece. A work that shows our dedication, love and passion. If we are happy with what we are doing now, we can draw strength and joy from it. It helps us to be a better person. We learn to enjoy what we have now be it a small income, small but modest house. All these are magnified ten times more as we learn to appreciate the beauty of minding the "now."

We become more positive as we go on because we let go of our past and we let God take care of our future. Worries, disappointments and frustrations do not have spots in our psyches.

We know in our hearts that since the "now" is our preoccupation at the moment, we can shape it, we can mold it, we can sculpt it to be our best representation and the goodness that we produce out of it can make us truly whole, better and perhaps, best.