Friday, October 5, 2007


Do you really know who you are? I came across this line when I read a book about achieving success in career. I have to agree with the author of the book that the question has to be answered truthfully particularly when one is searching for her or his true calling. Why does one have to seek her or his true calling? True calling is where your desires and passion reside. Happiness, success, fulfillment and creativity are the offsprings of true calling. The reason why many people spend almost an entire life searching for true calling. While some have found theirs early in their career life, others have opted to stay where they are even if their jobs are not really meant for them.

I, for one, have been seeking mine endlessly, having worked for over a decade in my life. I took many jobs before and all were listed in my work history. One can tell my dissatisfaction to every job I had as one observes my length of stay in each company. That is because at the end of the day my inner self disturbed me by sending signals that I was not cut into my current work. I hopped from one job to another as I continue to search the right one for me. You could even call me jack of almost all trades.

Starting from being a clerk/typist, I became a secretary later. I moved on to another department after a year to handle documentation of parcels. I went back to being a secretary but this time, I was serving the highest man of our company, the President.

I even tried working as Membership Consultant of a prestigious, international credit card wherein I got the chance to rub elbows with high ranking people of business industry. What else was next? Professional Service Representative. My entrance to medical world where I mingled with doctors of different hospitals. Different doctors with different moods and whims.

My love affair with medical field went even further as I completed another Bachelor's degree in Allied Health. It was not an easy journey though. It was not even my own decision. It was my father's. The four years were marked with depression, fear and a little anger because I had to deal with different kinds of people and challenges in each subject. I was surprised to discover that I could handle so much stress as my patience and tolerance were tested to the maximum. I felt vindicated after finishing the course and passing the local board. I thought I have found my calling in teaching, but I was wrong.

When I analyzed my career life, I uncovered some facts that led me to my previous jobs. They were dictated by people around me. They were the current trends then. They were the answers to some unavoidable circumstances. I could not recall one job that truly reflected my self, my own person. It was a world of pain and frustration. However, I like to believe that they assisted in molding me to become a person who is ready for the next challenges. I also bear in mind that what happened before was just a preparation for bigger things to come.

I now welome change in my life. For a start, I am going back to my early part of my life. I am trying to recall my desires then since during those times I had many deams. I may have forgotten something that may help in reviving my career. Yes, I do remember one passion then. It seemed that my desires and passion then were a team. I want to adopt them again. God given talents? I have them. I want to use them to pursue my life dreams.

I would like to test the water to see if the old tandem works now. I want to accomplish something that will show the real me. I have to have my purpose in life. I have to act in accordance to my mission. It takes a lot of courage to gather all my reserves for my priority. I have to do what God has called me to do. Pursuing my life dream is one precious gift I can give back to God.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It is not easy to combat colds and even slight fever. It is like a gruelling race. I have been feeling listless for the past several days now and have been procrastinating that long. Emerging as winner from this situation seemed remote as the weather continous to change.

When you are down with flu your mind does not want to function or at least present you something good to stay calm. You feel sad, irritated and really lazy. You tend to recall unfortunate events that should have been buried and excluded from your blissful life. It robs you of your happiness. You forget to smile and do good to others. You feel that negative energy pervades your territory and you start to worry about its outcome in your life if you continue to dwell on these demented feelings.

I am not used to taking medicines when experiencing colds. Rest, warm water to drink and Vitamin C are always my allies in treating this kind of ailment. I like to think that they are good alternatives.

But this time, I changed my mind. I took several tablets for my colds. I was just following instruction. I did not want to feel another painful manifestations of another disease. My recovery was quite fast and I thought it was over. However, I experienced body aches after that and I knew I had another one- fever. I was forced to take paracetamol hoping to end my misery very soon. When I felt I had won the battle, another case came in. I suffered from indigestion due to swallowing all these bitter tablets. I had history of ulcer and my digestive system became sensitive to almost all kinds of medicines.

I forgot. The body is capable of healing itself. All I had to do then was to take a rest and turned to my allies(rest, warm water and Vitamin C). Maybe, my body is telling me to slow down and I chose to ignore it. I have a diminished life force or prana because I have not been doing my breathing exercises for quite sometime. Yes, when you have low energy you are vulnerable to any kind of disease. All of us breathe but knowing the proper way to breathe is another thing. Taking in fresh air is good to your respiratory system as well as your circulatory system. Good breathing techniques make your body healthy. Having more oxygen in your blood, combined with nutrients, gives a healthy, rosy skin too.

There were two writers who suffered the same fate. One took several kinds of medicines while the other one went for treatment the East way- she drank several glasses of warm water with grated ginger and some other herbs. Can you guess who got out of that gloomy situation first? According to the writer who chose the East method, she got better first. Well, this is not to contradict the West method as one is free to try anything that he or she thinks will work better.

Just bear in mind that there is a doctor in your own person. You can also heal yourself. You just have to know your body's capabilities. Simple ailment has a corresponding simple treatment. It is you responsibility to know what can work for you. Be familiar with your own body, remember your past medical history, allergies and disease you may get according to your family history. Having enough knowledge about yourself will help you to determine which method or treatment can work for you as you do your research.

But wait, do not ever think that you have become the doctor that can heal any disease. As the saying goes,
"if symptoms persist, consult your true doctor."