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Right Love: Must you Wait or Find It?

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     This morning I had the chance to view a morning show in a local channel hosted by today's hot singer/actress.  There were two guests, both singers by profession, who gamely answered whatever questions about love and relationship thrown to them.  One interesting question that caught my attention is about  soulmate/right one.  Find it or wait for it?  The guests gave different opinions and this made the discussion even more interesting.  People act according to their beliefs  and surely two groups will be born when the members are asked to choose which strategy they prefer most.  The strategies mentioned offer long discussion and one must dig deeper about the true meaning of one's action.  Different kind of people present different opinions even if all choose the find it option.  This is due to their lifestyle, background and educational attainment.  The more experienced they are with regards to relationships and love, the more rich the explanation they give.  So when you know of someone who opts to go the route that is different from yours, do not judge him/her.  You might be surprised to know that what he/she has in mind is an intelligent thought.

About Your Soulmate

     I am currently reading Kathryn Alice book entitled Love Will Find You.  I discovered a lot of great ways to attract the right love for each person.  The author believes in the existence of a soulmate and testifies that the man in her life now is her soulmate.  She has had her share of failures in relationships but never came out bitter because she understood that her past loves were never meant for her.  She had kissed several frogs before she ended up with her soulmate.  But then she never advises people looking for love to do the same-kiss several frogs.  From the way she presents the strategies in her book, it is safe to say that she is more on the wait for it side.  Well, there are some areas wherein one must act right away or short of saying one can find the right love too when you look for it.  But one sentence in the book that really made me enjoy my reading is that one does not have to go out to find your soulmate.  Even if one is just staying at home, your soulmate can literally knock on your door and profess his love for you.  That one is great considering that I work at home most of the time.  The author always mention in her book  that each one of us has his/her soulmate and that soulmate will never miss the one intended for him/her.  If this is the case, what is the best strategy:  Wait for it? Or find it?

Find It

     Remember that the Law of Attraction is always working whether you like it or not.  When you are giving the feeling that you need to find your soulmate, you are telling the Universe that you are alone and in need of someone to cheer you up.  The universe is like a mirror and whatever we give, we must receive.  So when you give that kind of feeling, the law of attraction must act right away and deliver to you the same situation - that you will always be needing someone to take care of you.  Find it strategy presents positive action when you act or do inspired action.  What do you mean by that?  When you clear your doubts that your someone special is hard to find and replace it with the feeling that she/she is already in your life, you become calm and at peace.  In this state of mind and relaxed feeling, inspiration will be sent to you.  However, most of the time you will not be led to the exact point at once but there will be people, events and things that will accompany you to reach that desired destination of yours.  But again, you must be able to discern the right inspiration for you to act right away otherwise, you lose your chance.

Wait For It

     Ms. Alice does not say that when you want to wait for your soulmate you will do nothing and just wait for him/her to show up in your life.  There are what she calls inner works to do.  What are these inner works?  One must remove blocks/negative programming/beliefs about the existence of his/her soulmate.  That one does not deserve true love because he/she is overweight, poor and jobless is a limiting belief or negative programming.  If you care to look around, you will get to know people who are sitting in a wheelchair for a long time but have somebody caring for them.  Not being blessed with good looks or not having millions in the bank never gets in the way of sharing a wonderful relationship with a soulmate according to Ms. Alice.  If one meets her/his soulmate this person will always be the best for that soulmate no matter what one has.Other inner works to do are releasing past loves that are still in one's mind and heart, doing a soul call where one recite a line like inviting a soulmate to come into one's life.  Buying a card for special occasion and writing a note in it, removing clutter in one's cabinet in preparation to sharing the space with special someone.  When one does these preparations he/she gives a feeling that a soulmate has arrived and is now in one's life.  The Universe then gives the same situation and you soulmate will be arriving and show up in your place.  When one acts as if her/his special someone is already in his/her life, the law of attraction will deliver the same to that person.

You are complete, whole and perfect

      Even if you are alone at the moment you are still complete, whole and perfect.  No one will complete you because you were born that way.  It is only your limiting belief that makes you feel incomplete without your special someone.  Even if you have had several failed relationships before,  you are still whole, complete and perfect.  When you always feel this way, things will improve  and you enjoy your life more.  When you are not acting desperately needing of somebody to love and just feel that you are loved, soon your soulmate will come along and add more zest into your life.
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