Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are You Chasing Abundance?

     The word abundance confuses many people.  When people are asked about abundance they always think of one thing - MONEY!.  Abundance incorporates a lot of things and it is simply means "ample quantity," "profusion," and so on.  It incorporates everything that makes a human being satisfied and happy.  Relationship, career, other interests may speak of abundance and if all the areas in your life are shouting the word abundance, that means you belong to few good men who know how to attract abundance.

     Most people are still struggling in life even though they have worked so hard for a long time.  The abundant life that they have been dreaming seems nowhere to be found.  They have spent considerable time and effort to chase this kind of life only to find out that the kind of energy that they are giving is the wrong one.  What wrong energy?  As sages and gurus are telling us, everything is about energy.  Our thoughts and feeling have energy and they vibrate and reach the Universe.  The Universe is like a mirror, we always receive what we give.  Chasing abundance reveals there is lack, need and want in one's life and this is the kind of energy that one is giving to the Universe.  In return, the Universe sends situations similar to what one is sending, so he receives in that form that tells of lack, need and want.  Great author Napoleon Hill writes in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that money is shy and timid.  The moment you chase money, it will run away from you.  On the other hand, poverty is bold and ruthless and when you think of it, situations similar to what you are thinking and feeling starts to appear in your life.  This is what the author wants us to learn.   Since then, more and more books are written based on what Hill had conveyed.  What could be the reason why people adhere to this kind of notion and feeling-wrong energy?  Let us see some points to ponder:

     Self-Limiting Beliefs
     Do you have limiting beliefs that keep you from attaining a successful life?  This beliefs were given to you by your parents, friends, relatives, acquaintances which you adapted and tried to live on.  What are these phrases that seemed to stop you from getting what you want in life?
     "You have to work hard to get the money."
      "Money does not grow on trees"
      "My family is poor so I will remain this way"
      "I have big dreams and I don't think I deserve them"
      "Wish I were in another place so I could earn more"
     Do you really deserve to have this kind of life?  If you believe so, you can have it.  So what is the best thing to do to eradicate all these beliefs.  Simply release them from your system.  There are a lot of techniques which you can use to let go of these beliefs.  You can try Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) and a lot more.  Search on the web and you will discover which one fits you.  But I really recommend these two techniques because they ask only a few minutes of your time everytime you do it and you are on your way to getting what you deserve.

     Not knowing what you want, who you are
     Do you really know what you want?  Are your dreams yours or from those people around you?  Most people who are experiencing difficulties in life really do not know what they want, they just go with the flow or what you call the "in thing."  They disregard their true feelings and try to live someone else's life by living the dreams dictated by those people around them.  When you reach a certain age and you feel that you have to voice out your opinion, do so.  Rather than live a miserable life, affirm your wants and live  the life that is truly yours.  How do you do this?  Know who you are.  I recommend that you go on meditation 15 minutes a day to get in touch with your inner self.  The path that is really meant for you will be revealed.  Point out your values, the things that matter to you and work on your goals.  You have to have a mission in life to really live a meaningful life.  You were born to do something and this is what you have to find out.

     When you have thought about the above explanations, you would know that by having the same kind of energy you attract what you want.  When we desire good life, we just have to feel what good life is.  When we want abundance, think and feel abundance.  This way you are giving out the same energy.  The energy of abundance is positive so when you feel good, abundance is on its way to you.  Same with money, when you feel good about money, you send out positive feelings to the Universe.  Like attracts like.  The Universe sends you situations that will give you money.  Sounds simple but true.  It is all about feelings and thoughts.  Stop chasing abundance.  Feel it.  But first, eliminate your limiting beliefs and know who you are and what you want.

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