Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the Power Of Love

Cover of "The Power"Cover of The Power
     Best selling author Rhonda Byrne came out with a new book entitled The Power.   As usual, the book is an easy-to-read-type and a feel-good-book.  Local bookstores announced the selling of the book two days before it was officially sold.  I was intrigued by its title particularly the short description at the back of the book.  That one is entitled to have an amazing life and the power she is talking about is within us.  There were so many thoughts occupying my mind that time.  I told myself, maybe after reading the book I would become a magician since I just discovered the power in me.  Or I could have anything I desire in just one command.  But all that were blown away as I started reading the book.

     As all motivational gurus are telling us, LOVE is responsible for everything good that is happening in our life.  It is the most powerful feeling.  Love creates good feeling the kind that we need in order to have the best life.  Best life means excellent health, great career, perfect lovelife and experiencing unlimited abundance.  Since feelings and thoughts are perfect combination when it comes to attracting our desires in life,  we should always give love on everything that we do.  So how do you give love to people you encounter everyday?  Tell them that you like their outfit or better yet smile and hug them.  What about those you do not like?  Well, the author simply states that it is safe to turn away without commenting about anything.  That way you do not give any bad feeling. A bad feeling pulls your energy down making you susceptible to negative entities.  They will ruin your day and make you feel sluggish.  It is better that you ignore things that will zap your energy and maintain the good feeling to keep your energy high.

     Somehow, many people are commenting that it is difficult to maintain the good feeling all throughout the day especially when your job calls for entertaining rude people or visiting unruly crowd.  However, Ms. Byrne's reminder of the goodness that we could see in every unfavorable situation that we encounter is enough to keep the level of our energy at its best.

     Good feeling brings great happenings, as she stated in her book, what you give, you receive.  It is a tall order for us to give only love through good feeling to receive whatever good we desire.  For instance, when it comes to money, many are not feeling good about it.  That holds true to those people who are in dire need of money.  When the bills arrive they exclaim, "how am I gonna pay this, I have no money left?"  This reaction speaks of irritation and that person just gave out bad or negative feeling.  Later, he will encounter similar situations.  It will never stop until he switches to good feeling.  One remedy to this is to just imagine that the amount you are paying is the one that you are receiving and that bill, to you, is a check.  That can make a difference.

     The Law of Attraction is always working and no one can escape that.  What we give out, we receive.  It is as simple as that.  Simple yet, quite hard to follow all the time because of the presence of our "teachers" that we encounter everyday.  Those teachers are capable of ruining our day if we give in to them, meaning reacting negatively.  But they can make us strong, even stronger as we learn to react positively in every situation.  Remember that the circumstances that  we are in, whether they are good or bad, are not the real problem, it is the reaction.  The feelings and thoughts that we demonstrate are the most important because they are the preview of our future.

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