Monday, April 12, 2010

Clear Your Space

You have to work on a project.  All the important details and things are with you and yet you cannot start what you have to do.  Your eyes are focused on the extra details or clutter that keep you from working.  You cannot concentrate because your attention is always on the things that  are not needed.  So, what are you going to do with them?   Although you always argue that you do not have extra time to clean your space, it is better to face the problem rather than prolonging your agony.  For sure, there will be extra time needed to finish your work when you have those clutter in your working space.  Those frequent glances can take a lot of your time and instead of finishing ahead of time, you wasted precious moments.  Why not clear your space first and take a rest.  This will surely work on you.  You can think clearly, work with harmony and end your activity with so much fun and excitement. 

Any project done in a hurry and in a messy location can never be a work of art.  It will always be a work of hate and agony because of the experience incorporated with that work.  Most people like to start with a clean and cool environment because the atmosphere can give inspiration and better ideas.  Some opt for a quiet meditation before starting a project.  This helps them to clear their minds of any cobwebs thus, resulting to a more relaxed and interesting working experience. 

A clear place inspires you.  It gets you going.  There is more to be done when your space is uncluttered.  More work to be done in less time.  That means your attention is focused solely on your project.  Uncluttered space also means smelling fresh and clean.  Old papers gives a foul odor so do empty bottles or cans that have been in the area for a long time.  It is very relaxing when the place is clean and smelling fresh.  It can raise your vibration which gives a positive feeling.  This one is also very important when you are working on a special project. 

Whether the place is your working area or resting place, the most important thing to remember is to make it clean, clear and fresh.  Where you are reflects who you are.  When your place stinks and is messy, people will always think of you that way.  It is best to extend the cleanliness to your space, to everything you have and do.  That way you can think clearly, express what you want in a pleasant way and do what you want in your perfect time.  Why not start cleaning or clearing your space now even if you are still waiting for clients and work to come?   The moment you do so, they will start to come to you.

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