Friday, April 9, 2010

New Blogger Templates: New Beginnings

     I just received an e-mail from regarding its newest templates.  When I clicked on the site where the templates are displayed, I immediately changed my template.  It really inspired me to dress-up my old blog and changed the title of it.  Just a few months ago I was thinking, "maybe should come up with new templates."  My wish was heard by my angel and sent the message to

     I have had an on and off relationship with this blog of mine.  It is my first blog.  I left the blog after consistently writing articles for five months.  After more than a year, I decided to revive it.   It was still here when I checked on it and was waiting for me to fill those spaces again.  I just realized that it really cared for me.   I told myself that I should make up for it.  Give it another try.  Make it new, at least in appearance.  Write frequently not when I am only in the mood.  I always tell myself that this blog will eventually attract avid readers.  But that will depend only on the frequency of writing my articles or updating this blog.   At least, when I write on this page this blog never questions me nor irritates me.  It just accepts whatever words I typed.  That is one great reason to blog.

    There are other reasons why I love to blog.  I get to meet other bloggers as well.  I also learned  a lot from them.  On this page, all bloggers are just some clicks away from each other and I really appreciate the invention of this site.  Blogger makes it a point to bring my messages to people I do not really know and keeps me informed about the latest in almost everything.  Blogging makes an aspiring writer to be "legitimate writer" at least through this page.  Besides making very easy for each blogger to create his own blog, Blogger assures its bloggers that each blog can be a creation of a true much about praising Blogger.

     Very soon I will make my blog a professional blog.  I am so excited about it.  To tell you the truth,  I made a decision to leave this blog or delete this blog but the new templates changed that decision.  I am retaining this blog not only because of its new templates.  This is my very first blog and I feel very comfortable telling what is on my mind through this blog.  I want to keep things that make me happy, comfortable and inspired.  That is what is doing to me.


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