Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving Yourself First

     Most people spend a lot of their time and money to look for the right person to love.  Many have been searching for a long time and yet, the love they want never come.  They simply forget that they can never give what they do not have.  

    A lot of self-help books teach us to fill ourselves with love and eventually this will be radiated to each person we will be meeting.  When we have this kind of feeling it is easier for us to love ourselves and this is the first step towards having a great and wonderful relationship with anybody.

     Loving ourselves may be hard for us because the very first thing we see when we face the  mirror are the countless flaws that disturb us day in, day out.  Before we can conquer love, we must accept our flaws and treat them as something that make us stand out and different from others.  Another thing, we must approve of ourselves.  Some of us are not blessed with movie star looks but can still make other heads turn when they walk.  It is because they always think of themselves as unique, the flaws they have are seen as something that make them even more interesting.  These people have lots of self-confidence and they can live with happiness despite having imperfections.

     The very first thing to do is to acknowledge our flaws and accept them.  We have to do it or else, we will live in place where only miseries, frustrations and unhappiness thrive.  Our success in life will always depend not on what good traits we have but on how we respond to stress and anxieties we encounter everyday.  Once we acknowledge and approve of ourselves, things will fall into their proper places.  Why is that so?   We now send a different vibration to the Universe.  We send positive feeling and this in turn gives us situation that will make us happy all the time.  When you are happy, you look and feel better.  You radiate everything good to every person you meet.  Loving ourselves will be easier now and we will be working on having more love in our life every day.  Isn't that wonderful?  We can stop looking for love because love will haunt us.  We can now give more love and we can now receive more love.  People start looking for us and we will be overwhelmed.  Love begets love. 

Start your day with this affirmations taken from the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay:

I love myself.
I approved of my self

After sometime, all will be well in your life.

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