Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking Back But Moving Forward

I still think of the past.  Yes, I still do particularly the ones that happened only last year.  I know, it is not good to dwell on the past because I cannot do anything to change it.  The future, well, depends on what I think habitually.  I long for the past events because they serve as reminders to do  what has to be done now.  They are inspirations too as they force me to do better this year.  It is like yelling me not to procrastinate and do something now to achieve my dreams.

That is how I look back.  Only to remind myself to do better.  Not to play all those events in my mind and tell myself to go back.  Now, after remembering those events, I plan my goals.  I will enumerate the steps I have to take to be able to reach the top of the ladder where my dreams are located.  I plant my seeds in my mind and nurture them.  By nurturing, I visualize them with feelings of happiness as if the dreams have come to pass.  After that, I forget about it as I let the Universe to do something to make my dreams come true.  I consult my inner self from time to time to check on some insights, inspirations and use them.

     Keep moving forward but I can look back once in a while.  It is good to remember past events particularly those that created big impact in our lives.  They have lessons to tell and these lessons will help us get through with what we are searching.  Our journeys will be fruitful and rewarding. 

     The past year has been a great year for me because it was the time that I declared my intention to go for my original dreams.  No ifs and buts.  The feeling was great then and up to now.  It was like I was freed from years of being chained with my own cell.  Now I know better.  I accept myself now and acknowledge that I do not have limitations when it comes to achieving my dreams.  Acknowledging our limitations is fine but you have to forget that because we are unlimited human beings.  We can be what we will to be.  We have power.  That power comes from your mind.  Everything starts from the mind and it is best to fill your mind with your dreams and good thoughts.  Creating our future is easy when we know that  we can design it.  We send our requests to the Universe or God and wait for them to come back to us physically.  That is how we should move forward.  We walk on the path that God has ushered us and if  we know that it is the right path for us, we can be sure of our victories in life.  Whatever hindrances get in the way, we are sure to be guided because we know that we always move forward and walk on the right path.

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