Thursday, January 7, 2010

Between Someone Who Followed Her Passion And Someone Who Made It Big By Following Other Person's Wish: Who Is Happier?

     In a recent get-together of former friends and classmates, one lady made an announcement of her being successful because she was able to work in a foreign country and earning a lot compared to her other friends.  This made some of her former classmates to raise their eyebrows and to whisper some nasty remarks.  Why?  When this lady was asked earlier by the host, she revealed that she was not really happy living in a foreign land because of problems like racial discrimination and language barrier.  Moreover, she misses her family so much that she often resorts to eating chocolates whenever depression sets in her mind.  The confession  was overheard by a former classmate who immediately tipped it to some of her friends.  But then, this lady knew how to wear a mask to hide her loneliness and even bragged about her imagined life in another country.

     A lot can be said about living your dreams and following other people's wishes.  For one, if those wishes come from our parents we are naturally to follow them like slaves, sometimes.  However, while we are in that journey our own dreams are able to enter into our minds and once again hope that they are the ones we are following.  There are some people who will always say that following your passion does not guarantee an income like that of a millionaire.  They insist that before you follow your passion you must have been well-off.  This serves as sort of limiting beliefs to those who made it big by following their passions.  To these people, once you made the intention to live your own dreams, things will come and fall into proper place.  But it is still  a never ending argument to many people.

     To those who made it big by following other people's wishes, hats off to them.. Imagine going through tough times, in a world  that is full of battles armed with only a few skills to use.  Isn't that exciting, at the same time a bit disappointing?  The happy part of this is that one gained enough skills and knowledge which he never imagined he could ever acquire.  A test of character which sometimes or most of the time results to achieving  success and triumph. They have interesting stories to tell.

     To those who really followed their hearts' desires, they seem to float on cloud 9 always.  They are more peaceful, serene and full of accomplishments.  They also develop some characters which are responsible to their successes and triumphs.  They also have interesting stories to tell.

     But the bottom line is:  Who is happier?  The one who followed his heart and live peacefully or the one who followed others' wishes and made to live in another land?  The answer?  To each his own.  Life is what you make it.  You choose your own battles.  You design your future.  You alone can tell if you are really happy or not.  What is important is that at the end of the day, you are still whole, harmonious and perfect.  Perfect for the current place and situation.  What you have been thinking in your mind is what other people see in you.  If you choose to think you are happy by following your own desire, then others will see that.  If you choose to believe that you are still happy despite following others' desires, you become that person.  It is all about making your choice in life.  But then, you really have to know what is good for you.

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