Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: Happy To Be Me

In my world there are only happiness, love, power, vitality and infinite goodness. The reason why I am happy to be my real self. In my world there are inspirations, dreams, hopes and goals. The reason why I stay energized and motivated. In my world there are good people, happy people, successful people, rich people. The reason why I am good, happy, successful and rich. However, the last two descriptions exist in the higher plane and awaiting their existence in the lower plane which is physical. In my world there are wonderful happenings that only I can relate to because I am the only owner of those circumstances. In my world there are abundance, prosperity, wealth and whatever great descriptions one can attach to material things. The reason why I feel great because I do not worry about my future. But one may ask me, "where is your world? It is like heaven where only great things are seen and felt." Do you want to know where my world is? You are right. It does exist in my mind and heart. In my spiritual plane. Only in that place can I feel and see those beautiful creations of God. But it is also possible to have it in the physical plane. Only if all people manage to reveal their true selves, which is the best creation of God. God's creation is full of love, power, abundance, prosperity, vitality. It is also full of hope, dreams, inspirations. People are good, successful, rich and happy. In other words, only beautiful things exist in the hearts of people. No more, no less. Being your true self is powerful and liberating and that is what God wants from you.

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