Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Wonders of Meditation

I have been meditating for five years now and I can say that this activity created a great impact in my life. For one, it made me a better person, I believe. I have learned to tolerate, though a bit, some people who do not respect other people's opinions and beliefs. I now look at life with a lot of hopes and though I experience negative emotion from time to time, I can easily switch to a different thermostat when I close my eyes and hear my breathing.

I discovered my intense power through meditation and I use it every now and then to work on my dreams and goals. Having this power does not mean I can fight with my enemies or I can transform from one appearance to another. It just means that I can always influence my mind to make me feel better and see myself better in the days to come. I do creative visualization to get the things that I want. I will "go into silence" and watch myself having the things that I desire. I incorporate a happy feeling when I do this and it makes me forget anxieties, fears and worries. I do creative meditation for the purpose of realizing my dreams and I do it with a lot of faith.

Meditating with other people to heal the world is also a favorite activity of mine. At exactly 8:00pm Philippine time, I close my eyes and visualize love, kindness, joy, power, harmony, compassion, infinite goodness- all these embracing me. These words become more powerful when many people are doing the activity at the same time. The Universe gives back those thoughts to those who participate in this activity.

Meditation means listening to God that is within you. When God is within you, you feel better, lighter and ready to face life's challenges with ease and courage. It makes you feel a little bit invincible and ready to crush those negative forces that hinder your success. You have the power to be what you want to be and do what you want to do. Whenever other activities eat up my time, meditation always seeks me and I long for it. I go up to my room, shut the door and close my eyes. There I am taken to my spiritual world to cleanse my heart and mind, nourish and seek my inner self. It will always be my partner in my growth as a human being.

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