Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have You Made A Difference In Your Life?

We all want to have a share of instant fame in this world. We have different skills and talents, some are inborn others acquired, which we all love to show to other people. The moment we learn of something new, we are excited to bring this up to our friends thinking that what we have at the moment can add glitter to our mundane lives. Yes, that is how we see our lives, just ordinary and incapable of creating waves just because we are out of the limelight. But this is all in our minds. We are also heroes in our own ways, capable of rescuing people who ask our help. But this becomes ordinary because of the absence of write-ups or cameras to capture our winning moments.

With or without cameras or write-ups, other people and even God know we are able to touch other people's lives. They get entertained with our stories, they also get healed when we touch them, even when we just hold their hands. We have created new characters of ours just doing all these things. If we only take note of these things in our journal and gratitude journal, we would discover that indeed, we have made a difference in our lives. The only thing that bothers us is the absence of story teller that could spread the good news to people from other places. It is but natural to every human being to dream of occupying a grand space in the news section. Reading his name as heroes of the day and being admired by others make him so proud of himself. And he owed this all to his Maker. However, granting that this kind of publicity hit the streets of every nation, it is no guarantee that he will be given a reward for this act of kindness. Some people will criticize him for the ordinary job or the worst, pulling him down by giving unpleasant remarks.

We can make a difference even inside our house. Taking care of our little ones or sick parents, giving hopes to those suffering from depression, entertaining people with our antics and jokes- all these are experiences that create a difference in our lives. We can start doing small things like these ones, later on we can move to accepting bigger responsibilities. The most important thing is that people see us as extraordinary creatures that can give joy and happiness to their unfavorable situations. But it does not stop there, the moment we inspire these people to dream big and go for their dreams that is a great accomplishment. Only then can we brag about our works. That we have made a big difference in our lives by inspiring people to dream big, go for their dreams and live their dreams.

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