Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recognize Your Daily "Teachers"

A teacher is someone we admire and respect because he knows more of the things we have yet to learn. He is someone we can look up to and run to in times of need. This is the kind of teacher we want to have in our life however, there are some who can teach us more great lessons in life but we do not regard them as teachers. They are annoying, difficult to comprehend and take much of our time. They are not only unfriendly people but also circumstances, unfavorable experiences and negative emotions. These are also our "teachers" because they are trying to tell us something important and it needs to be recognized and acted upon at once. They may not be the normal lesson givers we know but they could be the key to our personal development.

They have more things to teach us and we should always take those lessons and live them while we are here on earth. Why is it important to do so? Here are some answers to that question.

1) They can help us grow. Imagine being with people who tell something bad about you when you are not face to face with them. You only got to know of their wrongdoings through other people and this has caused you an embarrassing situation. You want to confront them but your head says you have to be calm for now and wait until the issue dies down a bit. During the time that you are thinking about the situation it dawned upon you that you may have done something wrong in the past and it is now haunting you. This may encourage you to act intelligently to avoid any unfavorable effect on both parties. You can always solve your problems with ease and confidence when you let good emotions, intentions and thoughts to prevail.

2) They will help you get rid of your bad habits. When karma shows up in your life, it always reminds you to curtail any negative thoughts and actions which prove to be detrimental to you. Sending negative thoughts will always comeback to you as negative reactions which you have to live for a while until your mind gets to be fed of positive thoughts. Thoughts with strong emotions create realities depending on the kind of thoughts and feelings you have. Better guard your thoughts and emotions to have a really wonderful life.

3) They help you appreciate life as it is. These "teachers" will always be around to help you bring out the best in you. Why? Because while you are into this "battle," you will discover new things about you-character, skill which will help you become a better you. If before you throw tantrums without thinking much about the situation, now you just smile about it and remind yourself that "I can always win this battle." Your life now is something to look forward to because you get to learn so many things that make you know yourself more and respond to situations positively.

So welcome those "teachers" in your life and get hold of them until they have given you much, taught you real good lessons and molded you into a better you.

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