Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's In A Label?

     Haven't you noticed when you are meeting a new friend, he would always ask you, "what do you do?"  It seems a simple question but that makes you think hard because you want to impress him.  Sometimes you would reply with "well, I manage my own business."  When this new friend introduces you to his group  he says, "I want you to meet a new friend, he is a businessman."  You wanted to introduce yourself to your new friend as a manager but he decided to call you a businessman.  In that case, you earned two labels.

     Labels make a person important to everyone he meets.  It's like a title that is constantly clinging under his name and that really bears a price to most people.  You always know that there are people who will do everything just so they will not lose their positions in companies or well-known organizations because a label gives them prestige and honor.  In the company where one is a Chief Executive Officer, he can demand almost everything from his employees.  The label CEO means power and money and most employees like to reach this position because of the many benefits the label or title has.  The subordinates look at their bosses like gods that must be pleased all the time or else they lose their precious jobs.

   After office hours, a person has another label once he goes home.  He could be a father, son or uncle and each label has different functions depending on his duty that day.  However, he could also be all of those labels when other relatives are present in his house.  He could be a friend to others or a buyer when he goes shopping.  But really, what is in a label?  Do we really deserve all the labels that we have?  Are they just like titles that we want to attach to our names just so others will know that we make sense in this world?  Whatever your answer is, those labels are not really important because as you go on with your life you will definitely be stripped of those titles one by one.  Sometimes you would lose two in a row.  Now you are a husband and many years from now, wife may pass away and you lose a label.  There could be moments that your being father to your only son would be impossible once you lose him.  It is very natural that you will get lonely after losing a member of your family and also your label/title.  Until all of them are gone.

     When I closed my business many years ago, I could never think of a label that I could attach to my name or myself.  I thought it would be a real shame to have no label accompanying a person's name.  I was forced to hide in our house for a while until I finally resolved the issue.  Without a label, I was still the same person.  I could still make reasonable demands and go shopping like I used to do.  Only labels were gone not my whole being, not my whole self.  To this day, I still affirm this statement.

     Being the child of God, I am complete.  No label can make me above all else.  Labels can be used to lighten my loads, to be where I want to be and to get what I want.  But I can always have all the things I desire even if I do not have great labels.  The only way that could make me away from what I want is to be a negative person because being that way,  all I can attract are negative situations.  Even if I have many labels and continue to be negative, no good things will come to me.  However, you can enjoy the many labels you earn and to make them more meaningful, you have to do what is expected from those labels and you.  That way you always make sense.
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