Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have A Child-Like Attitude

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     The moment I see my nieces and nephews when they come to our house, there are attitudes I observe from them that I always remind myself to remain in me.  When I get to talk to them, I hear people who are dreamers, courageous, brave and always on the go.  When I see them tapping a computer keyboard, I see future web designers, computer wizards who are creative and talented that no companies will ever ignore.  They do not mind what other will say of them for as long as they show who they really are, such trait is something that successful people have.

     I just hope these attitudes of them will always remain in them as they associate with other people.  We were like them before but when we grew up we learned from others that we had to acquire other traits that adults should have.  We suppressed a number of emotions that seemed unforgivable in adults such as giggling in front of others especially when we talk about our dreams, showing too much care and admiration to others whenever we find them adorable and cute.  But these feelings help us get by with every day tormentors and stresses.  The reason why we have a hard time moving on and getting back with our senses is that we lose our child-like attitude when we reach adulthood.  Some dreams fade away and this make us don another costume or personality which fits the world we are at the present.  Just as I have observed a former classmate who used to be the class' clown but turned timid and shy guy now.  I just miss the laughter and fun he gave us before.  Now, he is like a robot which you have to pinch and press just so he can start talking.  Oh boy, that, I think, is not good after all.

     So why do we have to retain our child-like attitude which most adults think we should leave behind once we become grown-ups?
-  We retain our creativity which is important in doing whatever we want.  Imagine doing our projects without colors, words and pictures to make them comprehensible?  We can't do anything good if we just rely on the words that we only know, the colors that we have at the moment, the pictures that cannot describe fully what we are trying to say.  What we do represents our selves and it is only when we are creative can we do such wonderful creation.
-  We need to have the courage to go on and achieve our goals.  When we suppressed our feelings, it is difficult for us to run and work on our dreams because we are afraid that what we do or the way we do it will offend others.  We hate criticisms so we  always do what others like us to do and we end up mediocre because it is not what we want to do.
-  Every child is very curious in every little thing he holds or sees.  He is not afraid to ask questions, even stupid question for as long as the information satisfies his curiosity.  Most adults would never show his curiosity and ask mundane questions as this behavior is mistaken to be ignorant attitude.  This is the reason why some never really grow up.  They lack some knowledge that can help them advance in their careers.
-  A child is never afraid to show his real self.  He always does things that will only make him happy.  He is proud of what he has and likes to brag about them.  He is very imaginative and he even wants to explore on all the things that interest him.  He has a carefree attitude that always works to his advantage.
-  A child always wants to be happy.  His happiness is one reason why he is fearless to join contests, to talk to strangers, to visit new places, to try new things even if it will result to failure.  To him, every experience is important because he is always learning from it.

     These are some of the reasons why adults should not leave behind those seemingly foolish attitudes.  When we take them wherever we go, we are bound to create success in life.  We do not have to suppress those behaviors that will eventually lead to a more enjoyable journey.  Who we are is what we need to achieve our goals.  Who we are is perfect, complete and enough.  We do not have to change it nor hide it.  We only have to show it   When we do that, our life is truly enjoyable.
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