Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Those Desires Do Not Manifest

You have done your work to make your dreams come true. You made your vision board by cutting out pictures of your desires from lots of magazines. You made sure your vision board was located in a strategic place, a spot where you can view it most of the time. You visualized everything you pasted on your vision board. You prayed for it. You wrote all your desires in your Gratitude Journal thanking God in advance for the manifestation of your desires. But after months of doing all of those activities, you are still looking and waiting. What really went wrong?

There are some reasons why those things refuse to manifest physically. Why not review other activities you did while "undergoing the creative process of getting what you want?" Here are some of the possible reasons:

1) You refuse to let go of your negative past. Make sure you have gotten rid of all negative issues in your part like "I am not capable of receiving such a great gift" or "I won't be able to earn a seven figure income with the job I have." These negative thoughts stop you from getting what you want. Clear these issues first and make sure you do not feel them as they are the signals that the universe will receive and will get back to you.

2) You do not permit the Universe to do its job. After visualizing your desires, it is best to forget about them after the session. This is to allow the Universe to create the desired event by bringing people who can help you, situation that is applicable to your desires and ideas necessary to manifest what you want. When you are still thinking of how you are going to have your desires the Universe will not cooperate with you. Your job is to present or order what you want and let the Universe work to bring your desires to you. Never, never interfere.

3) You are too attached to your desires. Being too anxious, excited or fearful of the outcome of your activities only tells that you are too attached to your desires. Remember that feelings are important during this period and you should always be relaxed and happy to attract what you want. The feeling of having it mentally and spiritually is very important because the physical manifestation of your desires is just a matter of time.

4) Your relationship with other people is important. How is your relationship with your parents, siblings, friends? Always bring good vibes to them. Make them feel happy when you are with them. Always talk about good and positive things with them so that you emit good vibration not only to them but also to the Universe.

5) Know how to receive your desires. The Universe will bring you people, ideas, thoughts, situation that will help you get what you want. It is very important that you know how to spot them. Refrain from judging people, situation as this will only delay the manifestation of your desires. Receiving is a skill you have to master.

It is not too late to receive what you want because you still have plenty of time to change your life. Change your thoughts and you change your life. This time your life is not going to be better, it is going to be great. Believe.

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