Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Can You Attract Wealth Into Your Life?

Most people work hard to earn millions until their bodies call for a break. Our ancestors instilled in our minds that to earn lots of money and retire early, we must bury ourselves to work, meaning non-stop until we feel so much pain. But stories told about many a millionaire in the past or even in the current time revealed that they did not actually work hard and that they even had more leisure time when at work. This prompted some men to make a research about the lives of these people.

For one, most of them came from impoverished places and families. They did not have any connection to people of the elite class. But they did have an extraordinary way of working their way to the top. They used their minds to accumulate lots of money and they used that to grow their businesses. The saying "You are the master of your destiny" is true because man is able to influence his mind to make him great and wealthy. Now, the question is "How can one use his mind to get to the top and earn so much?" If one can get hold of the book The Science of Getting Rich, he will surely learn how to use his mind to gain success in any business.

Impressing a thought in your mind is the way. Picture what you want and hold it until you get the picture physically. You have to own the picture before it can manifest. One has to feel happiness while doing the exercise and use all of your senses until it is absorbed by your whole self. Feel the picture with the purpose of manifesting it and hold it with a lot of faith. It is just a matter of time before it physically unfolds right in your eyes. Be grateful to God that you have it even if it is not with you physically yet. Thanking God in advance speaks a lot faith and that you really believe that you will receive it soon.

Sounds easy but most people regard this as some kind of occult way. But really, visualizing what you want may not be that easy but you will get your reward soon. I have experienced this before and I will definitely try this again. Remember that our thoughts vibrate and they reach the universe and God and what goes around comes around. So, if we project our desires to God, He will surely listen and give them to us. Only when we have faith and belief.

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