Monday, September 24, 2007


Have a good day

1. Upon waking up in the morning, say first your prayer to your God. Thank Him for giving you another day filled with love, hope, happiness and blessings. Offer yourself to God and make a promise to praise and thank Him throughout the day.

2. Meditate. Close you eyes and relax as you focus on your breathing. Think of nothing. Feel joy, kindness, compassion, strength and love. Feel them not think. This will help you start your day right.

3. See yourself on the mirror. Tell yourself, "you are beautiful" or "you are handsome." "You are blessed as a daughter/son of God. This is a great day for you."

4. Have a healthy breakfast. Drink your favorite coffee or milk. Have your herbal tea if you want. Choose wheat bread over your regular white bread. A little spread of butter or your favorite jam will do. Fruits such as apple, orange and banana are good choices for dessert as they help in cleansing your digestive system.

5. As soon as you see other people on your way to your work, wish them well silently. Do this even to those you are not familiar with.

6. At work, focus your mind in what you are doing. Give your best to your job. Mind your co-workers when you feel they need a little help from you. Do not worry as this kind of scenario will not interfere with your work. Since two heads are better than one, it will speed up the whole work all of you are doing. Perfecting your job means you are ready to move on to the next higher level.

7. After you have done your work for the day, congratulate yourself for a job well done. This will encourage you to contribute more of your talent, time and creativity in your work the next day.

8. Have a light dinner at home so you can easily prepare yourself to sleep. Having enough sleep, usually seven to eight hours, will help you to function at your best the next day.

9. Talk to your family about your day's experience. Encourage other members to tell their stories too. This is a great time to bond and share little moments before calling it a day.

10. Pray and talk to God about the lessons that you have learned for the day. Give thanks to Him.

11. Meditate. Fill your mind with good thoughts. Feel love, compassion and kindness. This will encourage true dreaming on your part.

Do not just read. DO IT...NOW!

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Anonymous said...

I will try to do it!