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I got hold of a book authored by Michael Losier. Entitled Law of Attraction, it is one of the most intriguing books I have read.

The author studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a subject that deals with how the mind and thoughts work and the effects on human being. He got interested with the subject because he wants to help others to rise above their difficult situations and attain utmost satisfaction in their lives.

In his book he defined the words Law of Attraction as "I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative."

The book teaches one how to deliberately attract the things he really wants and not to give energy to what he really does not want. And it will start with a thought. It may seem trivial since the thinker never wants to think of bad things to happen in his or her life. But it takes a lot of discipline to really do it.

We may not be aware of it, but unconsciously, we send out negative thoughts to the Universe and since we can only send one type of vibration, positive or negative, at a time, the outcome will be the basis of the type of vibration we send. If good things happen to us most of the time, we are doing a great job since we are sending positive vibration and positive thoughts fill our mind always. If series of unfortunate events visit us often, we are surely neglecting our good habits.

One example of this is when you tell yourself that you will pass the examination but deep inside you, a feeling of incompetence hound you every minute, even though you have done your homework well. While taking the exam, you feel nervous and anxious. You are ready to freak out because most of the details you have memorized are lost somewhere in your mind and retrieving them is proving to be difficult to do as you are running out of time. The result? You became what you thought of.

The author presented 3 steps Formula for deliberate attraction:

1) Identify your desire.
2) Give your desire attention.
3) Allow it.

1) Identify your desire. One of the reasons why one does not get what he wants is that he does not know what he really wants. Make up your mind! You may consider an area in your life wherein you are least satisfied, say you career. When you choose to make an improvement in your career, list down all the things that will help make your career great. You may write, "good working relationship with my co-workers." Never write in negative tone such as "I do not want to work with people who are always envious of other person's success." Always write in positive and encouraging tone.

2) Give your desire attention. You have identified your desire and enumerated the things that will help in manifesting your desire. No need to read your list everyday. All you have to do is give it attention, energy and focus by including it in your current vibration. Example is when you are visualizing your desire, when you are noticing something nice, or when you are observing something you do not like. You have to include your desire in whatever emotions or feelings you have at the moment and even in whatever you do. But never put you list inside your drawer and completely forget about it. Manifestation of your desire will never take place.

3) Allow it. Allow it to happen. The most important of all steps. You are forwarned not to have even a small doubt during this time. Doubt is considered a negative vibration and having this will cause delay and even cancellation of manifestation of your desire. Believe and expect your desire to manifest. This is the most important job that you can contribute. Allow the Universe to work in the manifestation of your desire and never intervene or do something to hasten its materialization. That will cause delay. It is the job of the Universe to figure out how to bring to you your desire. Sit back and relax. You may feel some hunches or hear voices within you telling you to take part. That is the time to act.

As to when you will get what you want depends also on some factors, according to some people who are experts on this subject: If you are ready to accept the responsibility, if it is the right time, if you are worthy of such desire. When it is taking you too long to manifest your desire, the Universe is trying to tell you something. Bear in mind too that what you want may cause harm on other people. So think about it deeply.

In the movie 13 going 30, the teenage girl is in a hurry to grow up and be the woman she wants to be. She is considered a plain Jane and quite stubborn but very much loved by her parents and her male bestfriend.

On the day of her 13th birthday, she uttered her fervent wish while she was sitting inside her cabinet. She must have given her all and energy to it that in a matter of seconds her wish was granted.

She woke up in her plush apartment. She almost screamed when she saw herself on the mirror- grown-up(this time played by Jennifer Garner) with a bigger bosom, the kind that she really wanted, and a body to die for. Little by little, she discovered all her wrongdoings: she and her boyfriend were into pre-marital sex, she was having an affair with a married man, she almost forgot that her parents were still alive and that she had never visited them for quite sometime.

She worked as an editor in a fashion magazine. Although her career was doing good, she was besieged with several problems. Among them was her unrequitted love. Her bestfriend was not that into her.

What she wished for was given to her and yet she was disappointed because the events were overwhelming and she realized that it was not the kind of world for her to live in. The new world is set in year 2000 but her heart and mind function 20 years behind. Fate allowed her to live her dream but only to teach her a lesson: correct all her mistakes and clean up. She got back to her present world. She spent most of her time loving her parents and yes, she married her bestfriend.

Be careful on what you wish for. It may not be the kind of life you really want. Make sure that it is really yours and not dictated by people surrounding you.

Mr. Losier may not include this in his book but his subject can also be Bible-based. In Matthew 21:22 it says that "whatever ye shall ask, believing, ye shall receive." It also has 3 steps: pray, believe and receive. The techniques may be different but the essence is very much the same.

There is an unforgettable line in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:"If you really want something deep in you heart, the Universe will conspire." So there...

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