Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Your Story?

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     Every time I am directed to Home page of Facebook, I get to read a lot of comments/shoutouts from friends.  Some are funny.  Others ask for prayers.  Most of them like to share the blessings that they have received.  Well, a few really like to expose their anger over some people, things, circumstances and I feel really down whenever I chance upon this kind of revelation.

     We all know the repercussions it may bring back to people who keep on commenting negatively and I guess it's about time we do some editing of the words and pictures we post regularly on our favorite sites.  I know of some people who canceled their Facebook accounts because they could not stomach those comments and pictures that their friends regularly post.  Furthermore, there were some people who tried to get into their circle of friends just to ask for a date or court them even though they had posted their status on their profile page.  Really, people have different stories to tell.

     When you are asked about yourself, what is your usual response? Is it a favorable type of answer? Is it a negative reaction from you that makes the other person  feel the same way?  Most people, yes most people,  like to respond negatively to almost all questions.  May be because they need someone to comfort them or they want the other person to join their miserable company.  But the way I see it, it becomes habitual to them- to answer in  negative tone even though their answers are far from what they are experiencing right now.  I try to evade negative comments from people when I ask them about their life.  If they answer me that way, I immediately ask them questions that will definitely give me positive reaction.  Negative reactions lower my energy and I feel like vomiting whenever that happens so I make it a point to divert other person's attention to a more favorable circumstance.

You Always Get What You Want 

     A lot of people may not be aware of the fact that what they are telling all the time, even if the story is false, magnifies and gets real.  After trying so many techniques and procedures on how to get to rid of their problems they fail to redeem themselves.  They do not know that one way of resurrecting is to tell another story of themselves, but this time it has to be positive, feel-good and entertaining.  To top it all, the story should not be a real one, it can be make-believe or false, not yet happening.  As they practice narrating this kind of story, very soon they become true little by little.   Storytelling is  like praying.  You just have to repeat whatever it is you want to happen.  God is listening.  The Universe conspire with you and you get what you always say.  If you always say, "here I am still broke," to your friends and even people whom you just met, they will turn their backs on you.  Such phrase ruins their day and they don't want that.  Later on, you will lose all of your friends and you will be left alone in your situation, wallowing in pain, grief and loneliness.

Rewrite Your Life Script

      You can always change your situation from negative to positive because you have the power to do so.  Just recognize the power within you and your off to a new and interesting life of yours.  Examine areas of your life that need change-for the better.  Practice narrating positive story about yourself.  You can start with your past achievements, even small successes.  Since what you always tell brings back a lot of the same type, focus only on the good ones that are happening to you.  Shun those ugly stories of yours, better still, bury them.  They will only pull you down.  If you don't have an idea how to go about it, you may start to verbalize some of these positive statements:

     "I am getting better and better everyday."
     "I thank God for all the blessings I receive everyday."
     "I receive so much love from people whom I love dearly."
     "I receive many projects now and I am willing to give my all to them."
     "My situation is improving and I like what is happening in my life now."
     "I meet a lot of people who are also succeeding in their field of interest."
     "My income is increasing as I open myself to new channels of income."
     "I bless those people who come into my life."

     You can always tell more than that, for sure as you go on.  Little stories become bigger ones later on as you continue to do this.  Remember, your story do not have to be that real.  You do not have to lie about your current situation.  Just tell what you want to happen in your life, that's all.  Focus on the positive side all the time.  Garnish the story with good feeling or happy feeling.  God is always listening.  The Universe is ready to help.  Storytelling is like praying.  So keep telling the good ones and watch them become real and multiply.  To make it more concrete, write them down.  You can thank God in advance by inscribing them in your Gratitude Journal.

        So what is your story now?  Would you still tell about your miserable story to your friends and acquaintances?  Or would you rather go for inspiring story that will lift you up from your sad circumstance?  You are the only one responsible for what is happening in your life.  You always have the power to change your life.  By rewriting your life script you can make it happen.  Do it now.

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Evelyn Lim said...

It's coincidental that I shared the following quote on Facebook just this morning...."You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand." ~Irene C. Kassorla

Love your tip on telling the story that you'd like things to be and not what you don't like things to be!! We need to correct bad habit patterns that prevent us from having the best possible life for ourselves!

ChaCha said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. I would like to help others negative thoughts to a positive one.