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2011: Get Ready To Receive Your Good

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     You have planted the seeds a few months back.  You have continually watered them by affirming positive thoughts connected to your goals.  So why are you feeling anxious about them?  Maybe you have been constantly peeking at those seeds you have planted and each small growth seems oblivious to your prying eyes.  Why can't you just stay put and forget about those seeds.  Meaning, let them grow, allow them to sprout and display their budding stems until they reach their full growth.  This behavior creates a feeling of uneasiness and doubt on your part.  That only means there are things running in your mind that would eventually stunt the growth of those seeds.  Consequently, that will result to frustration, resentment and disappointment on your part.  You have beliefs and feelings that contradict the good thoughts in your mind.  Unless you let them go, your creation will just be put into waste.  You will never see the beautiful results or manifestation of those seeds.

     Limiting Beliefs

     You still have negative, burning issues in you that need to be addressed and until they are thrown to the trash can, you will never experience success in your life.  Meditate on these issues like " I am not capable of doing it," "I do not deserve success." "I won't be able to get rich doing what I like," "my friends may never be able to support me."  They keep you from acting from inspiration.  All you get is frustration that leads to procrastination.  You tend to postpone important things that you have to do for the day.  Instead, you spend time brooding on things that keep you from moving forward.  When I have negative feelings about things, people and circumstances, I like to go to a quiet place and close my eyes.  I meditate to release the negative feeling I have.  I just say, "as  I breathe out, I release all anger, fear, worry, hatred and guilt."  Sometimes I say, "I release all the toxins from my body."  I just trust my healing ability to take care of those trash and later on, I feel really better.

     Positive Feeling

     When you feel better, that means you are feeling positive, things fall into their proper places.  You get to your office on time, you are able to finish your work ahead of time, people come or appear in front of you just when you think you need them.  You can easily attract the things you need and desire.  You become brave and bold, you are able to express who you are even to people whom you considered your enemies.  Meaning, nothing and no one can keep you from doing what you want.  In the absence of limiting beliefs, the positive feeling prevails.  Like what we have learned before, positive attracts positive, like attracts like.  From the teachings of Abraham(from Jerry and Esther Hicks), when you are always feeling better and you are able to maintain this throughout the day, you will definitely attract abundance, good health, great relationship.  Easier said than done.  But I have tried it for a few days and |I noticed that I had really great days compared to when I got irritated for quite sometime- all my projects went pffft!  They did not prosper, that is.

      There are a few things that you have to remember when working on your goals.  These must be followed or else months will pass without seeing the fruit of your labor:

     1)  Be clear of what you want:  This is the catch.  You can't write your goals without knowing what you really want.  Yes, you want to be successful, but how?  Is it by putting up a business?  By doing Network Marketing?  By writing?  By acting in a movie?  You have to decide which one you will pursue.  You can never be successful doing all of those, really.  You will just spread all the energy you have and will not accomplish anything.  This is the essence of being clear of what you want.

     2)  Focus, focus, focus:  If you only focus on what you want to happen in your life, there is no doubt that you will attain what you want to be.  You have to forget those enemies that keep telling you to forget your dreams.  Do not be distracted by sad stories of people who committed a lot of mistakes by pursuing the same goals.  You have your own style and manner in working on your goals, so keep moving, only moving - straight ahead without bothering to move in opposite direction.

    3)  Appreciate the things that surround you now:  By being grateful even with the little things you have now, you are setting your vibration in a high level making you attractive to things that make you happy.  Do not resent the pair of shoes that you use all the time.  Bless it so that another pair comes to you sooner than later.  The little house where you live now can make you aspire for a bigger one, so don't hate it.  Where you are at the moment is perfect for you.  You know why?  You are given the time to think of your great future, clear your clutter, be clear on your negative emotion, gather your thoughts, empower yourself.  In other words, this is the best time for you to make things right for you.  That is why you are perfect where you are, it means there is a need for you to work your way to the top.

     4)  Stay hopeful, motivated, inspired:  There will be times when you are feeling tired and irritated because nothing great seems to happen despite your many, many actions and reactions.  Don't you know that most of the times, you have to be quiet and observant?  I do not mean that you just stay sleeping and sitting all the time and do nothing.  Just do what you think is necessary, do not overdo things nor overreact on some unusual happenings.  Keep the happy feeling so you stay motivated, inspired and hopeful.  There are many things that can be accomplished when you are relaxed and focus in the "now."

     5)  Trust In God:  God is watching you all the time and all you have to do is trust Him.  Why?  Because he is also trusting you.  He lets you do what you want, do whatever you think is right because He trusts you.  The power, intelligence and energy are all with you so He expects only the best from you.

     When you have thought about those things nothing will prevent you from falling.  You will only soar high.  You will get what you want.  But the question now is:  Are you ready to receive?  Be sure to answer in the positive note.  The year 2011 has just begun, only a few days old.  But we have to get ready to receive now and not waste a lot of months and procrastinate.  The Law of Attraction is always working and we will accomplish more when we know what we want, how to receive it and when to receive it.  So, get ready to receive your good, NOW.
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