Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wearing Black

Most elegant women prefer wearing simple black dress for any occasion simply because they believe that black speaks louder than their voices. Black speaks of beauty, poise and even happiness for some people, the reason why some wear black outfits in occasions like wedding and Christmas. To me, black is not a color because I do not find any color in it. A color to me tells of one or two stories, but I do wear black form time to time. I choose color depending on where I have to go. I think of perfect color to wear for a simple gathering of friends, for interview, for going to church. But I do not impose this to people even to my loved ones. I truly believe that each one has his own preference when it comes to colors.

I have learned over the years that one has his own voice and he has the right to be heard. This is not to mean that one should be talking like a parrot- non-stop story telling or explaining of his own opinions. Whatever color one is wearing is enough for other people to know that this is what he wants without even explaining the reason. He has his own story about the color he is wearing but it is only for him and questioning him about that should be avoided. The person wearing that color should opt to keep quiet because once he opens his mouth and starts telling his own stories about that color, the magic begins to fade. The excitement seems to wear out and that color loses its true meaning to him.

The moment you stop explaining is the moment you gain your momentum and power. What you are wearing already speaks of your power but talking about it loses whatever magic you have in you. Others will only tell you or dictate to you the colors they like you to wear and this should not be the way because you are giving away your power. If there are times that you want to wear red even when the situation calls for a different color, by all means wear red because you have your own story and you are the author. No need to tell why you have to do so. Do not lose your power for you need this wherever you go. Do not let other people tell you to do things you do not want to do. Giving in to them will only tell one thing- that you can never make it on your own.

Remember to live the life you want and never allow anybody to tell you what to do. Even for the simplest thing like wearing your socks. You alone have the power to do so. Only in this situation will you learn that you have control of your life. Even in the case of loving the person you like, buying the house you want, and yes even in choosing the right color for you.

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