Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Lesson in Feng Shui

Feng shui means wind and water. It is the art of living harmoniously with all living things in a given environment. To be able to do this, one must understand that there is an invisible energy called CHI which flows through the earth and the air. This positive energy is the source of harmony, prosperity, health and honor. One must allow CHI to flow freely to his environment, particularly to his house, to experience its benefits. CHI must never be trapped for it will stagnate and turn into negative energy which will bring bad luck to anybody staying in that place.

Another aspect in feng shui that one must be familiar with is the term Yin and Yang. It is the symbol that looks like two interlocked tadpoles in which one is colored black with a white dot and the other one is white with a black spot in it. To understand these two polarities, Yin is about dark, passive and feminine side of the universe. Yang pertains to bright, active and masculine portion of the universe. Although these two terms are opposite to each other in meaning, the things that make up our existence consist of a balanced combination of Yin and Yang. Since feng shui is all about balance, Yin and Yang plays a large part in the practice of feng shui.

There are also five so-called elements that contribute to the manipulation of CHI in the environment. They are earth, fire, water, wood and metal. Metal includes man-made objects fashioned by metal. Fire can be represented by color red such as red candles. Water is anything that flows like water fountains. Wood is associated to rectangular shape like wooden frames. Flowers are also considered as part of wood element. To represent earth element, ceramics, crystals and pottery materials can be used. The elements have been allotted to different sectors or directions. Knowledge of these elements and their directions leads one to create effective feng shui.

When one is familiar with this little lesson, the next thing to do is to examine one's life. Are there areas in your life that need makeovers? Maybe you want to revitalize your environment to attract positive energy to bring you your heart's desires. Do you want harmony, prosperity and love to reign in your life now? Think about these questions. All these are possible with the help of a feng shui expert. Want some more? Are you having a hard time realizing your dreams and aspirations? Is your love life boring? Manifestation of your dreams may have been blocked by negative energy your environment has accumulated all these years. Whatever your problem is, feng shui may help you. Feng shui is said to be 1/3 of your overall luck, so why not make use of it? Almost all people who sought the help of feng shui experts have experienced positive results in their lives. Another point to consider is your karma. This may be one reason why your dreams have to be put "on hold." A feng shui expert will help you cleanse your inner self and this may take sometime. Why not act now? By doing so, your life will make sense. So does feng shui.

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