Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you desire anything in your life now and feel very creative in expressing it, why not create your own Treasure Map! It is not about hunting your millions of money or gold in a particular place. It is your "visual prayer" wherein the contents are collections of pictures of what you want to happen in your life presented in your most artistic way.

If you are not keen on visualizing your desires and holding them with your eyes closed in few minutes, you can always try to visualize them through pictures you cut out from a magazine, pasted on a white board and are best representation of your desires. You can actually see them with your eyes wide open and choose to hold the white board with your own hands.

Before making your own Treasure map, you have to decide first which area in your life you want to focus on. Do you want to:

- buy your dream house?
- buy your dream car?
- have a healthy body?
- have an exciting and rewarding career?
- have a happy personal life?
- have your dream vacation in Europe?
- have a college degree?
- have spiritual enlightenment?

The lists are endless. The most important is to focus on one area at a time as your subconscious mind will have a hard time determining which area needs immediate attention when there are many options presented. If you have chosen the area to work on, gather the following materials:

- cut-out pictures from magazines. They should best represent your desires. The more vivid and detailed, the better.
- paste or glue
- scissors
- spiritual symbol. It can be a picture of God, angel or a place that you think will give powerful effect on your creation.
- an image of yourself
- money should be included. Real money is preferred although play money is acceptable.
- illustration board

Before you begin decorating your Treasure Map, close your eyes and visualize in details the thing you desire most. See it happening in your life now. Doing this will help in releasing your energy that is needed in working on your desires. You can begin now to create your own Treasure Map.

After you have done your Treasure Map, such as pasting your pictures, spiritual symbol, image of yourself, money, you can add positive phrases or words anywhere. Words such as exciting, happy, satisfied, great etc., add a sort of power in your Treasure Map. Finish it with an affirmation.

Put your Treasure Map in a place where you can immediately view it. It is best that you see it always and feel it to remind you of your desires and encourage you to give your best to make them happen. If you do not want others to see it for fear of being ridiculed about it, you can keep it in a safe place where you can easily retrieve it whenever you want to view it. Your Treasure Map will remind you that the things you desire most are realized when you are serious about making them true. It will keep you hopeful as soon as you wake up in the morning and it will give you a reason to live a purposeful life, the kind of life God wants you to have.

So why not make one now? It will only take a while to achieve your desires. Yes, in God's time.

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