Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"I've got to have a meaningful life!" This line was recited by a foreign actress in her film shown several years ago. I did not see anything senseless in her life then except that she was presented as an ordinary human being with ordinary life.

My idea of meaningful life may be different from others. All I know is that everyone wants to have a meaningful life. One may aspire for wealth and share some with those who are in dire need of it. Another one dreams of life that is filled with love happiness and freedom from all sufferings. Would you believe that many people think that the lives of rich and famous are meaningful simply because they always make an impact on common people? They say it is so since they have a colorful life- many activities showcasing wealth, abundance and happy times. This is the kind of life that really matters according to most typical human beings.

What about the life of a fisherman? A vendor? Do their lives have meaning even though they live an ordinary life and nothing unusual has been said or heard about them about how they live? A fisherman catches as many fish as they can and sell them to vendors. Vendors, in turn, sell large number of fish to consumers. This is how they create their lives. Nothing spectacular compared to rich and famous. They never complain of the usual events that occur in their lives as they are resigned to the fact that that is the only way for them to live. No showing of riches, parties and good times. This is the reason why some people view this kind of life as senseless.

Life is interesting regardless of what one does. What is important is one does good deed everyday. You save every good deed you do everyday and your future will become more colorful. I repeat, more colorful because your life now is painted with different colors as you continually do something good.

It is not necessary that one has a paid job to make his or her life meaningful. Jobless too has a fascinating life. The mere fact that you move such as cleaning the house or washing the dishes, one is adding spice to his or her life. Perfecting household chores is a big deal as it needs a lot of effort, time and strength. Same with doing an office job like typing, or solving company problems, it consumes a lot of time, effort and intelligence.

You can always compare the lives of ordinary persons with famous persons. If they are comparable, it means they are of the same quality. Never think that because one's life never earns a space in a publication, it is useless. There are always lessons to be learned in life. As one learns a lesson, he or she is compelled to do something worthwhile. This is what makes life meaningful. Whether you are in a blissful life or happens to be in between comfortable and troubled lives, you are in-charge of your life. Do what you have to do at the moment and trust God, the Universe and yourself for the good life you deserve now. Remember, life is what you make it.

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